My plan – updated

Why updated? Someone called me “illiterate cunt.”
My riposte is a description below.
Besides I drew the first plan two years ago, very spontaneously in one day because someone asked me “Where is your plan?”.

I know I will lose a lot of sympathy publishing this description.
It turns out suddenly that I know the pragmatic words which are not romantic.
I will become suspicious, but can I ask if writing simple poems in broken english a few years ago, disclaims knowledge of art today?
But someone can always control what I do: Are the solutions legal agreements and periodic audits?

General purpose
History has its own strict laws “new generation”: being born in the cultural reality that is for the people of today at least ambiguous. A feature of the older generation is appalled encountered “quirks”. The first string on the pyramid was “worse times, higher and higher prices, more and more stupid teenagers”.
Create a place where the exponent of the new aspirations and ideas. Bring new values ​​often rejected, and then widely adopted. Break aesthetic, social, moral and political taboo.

New Film
Studio production and post-production of the potential production of ten films a year. The economic crisis has buried the hopes of state patronage for the production of feature film debuts. The height of happiness is the possibility of directing graduate assistantships at soap operas, music videos, short films and documentaries for the budgets of the productions which place on the border of viability.
In public, we have access to the movies mostly older directors who over time find themselves in a network of social systems which allows them to tell their stories forever. Meanwhile, film critics are repeated like a mantra: analyzing the history of cinema – the best movies do at the beginning of their careers, but over time old masters become artistic impotents.
Hope for the future is the digital revolution, having your own studio, cameras and mounting kits. To establish the value of a film is still needed rebellion, insolence, artistic dynamism, the ability to reject the remains of old structures that have accustomed us to state patronage.
Even the best actor and director has little chance to build a work on fragile foundations. Where can we draw scenarios/scripts to guarantee a high level of artistry?
We focus on the winners of screenplay competition (debuting at the same time) who almost never have the ability to carry out their films.

Film producers, TV studios choosing above all the items as possible to the general public. Very good stuff, but for a limited range of audience are most often awarded at the script stage, but very rarely have the opportunity to implement. We prefer niche projects with very high quality than average quality projects for a wide audience.
Two additional criteria for the selection scripts:
1. The avant-garde or experimental solution structure of a dramatic story.
2. The universality of the story: scalability, independence of the country of origin.
Appears legitimate concern and question whether the film group which didn’t have a budget of millions of pounds for each production – wouldn’t became a studio producing low-quality technical materials? Minimizing production costs are achieved by having own production studio, sound stage and production / assembly tables.
Film reel is the most expensive element of the film production. These costs can be eliminated completely by using digital technology which offer HD cameras can record RAW 4K video.
Example of the use of Red Epic (HD) cameras: “Melancholia” Lars von Trier
Example of the use of Arri Alexa (HD) cameras, “Pirates of the Caribbean”

New Cinema
– Projection works of high artistic value or cognitive preceded by a professional lecture and discussion ended
– Meetings of academics, critics, filmmakers, people of art, science,
– Organizing open events popularizing valuable phenomena and video content

Do we need another cinema in London?
To confirm the emergence of a new cinema utility can also use of statistical standards, that is true only talks about a sociological phenomenon, but at the same time entering into the quality assessment.

In the world created a few thousand movies a year, while in London’s theaters and festivals we can see a small percentage. The capital will see mostly British cinema or awarded at international festivals known to have the potential to generate profits because of aggressive promotion in the media. In addition, documentary films, short films, art is gone, and most people are unaware of its existence.

To produce exclusive brand takes more time than the standard product for everyday use. Cinema does not have to be especially cheap entertainment and hard work on your own taste-maker and audience not only makes sense but it is exciting.

Overcoming self-doubt that you are not the only one wanting to watch things difficult, ambiguous, thought-provoking that leave a crack in the memory is fascinating.

The new form:
In addition to the main screen is also smaller and dim the screen where the audience talking to each other by means of smartphones in the chat, commenting on what is happening on the main screen.

New Theater
Theater alternative, avant-garde, characterized by the novelty of the approach to drama. Theatre looking for new means of expression in the art of acting and stage of matter, creation writing new spatial arrangements, new ways of working and a new relationship between the actor and the audience. Theatre ministers in new, unconventional means of expression, issuing unknown, unusual repertoire, not closing also culturally distant inspiration.

The aim will be to set a new aesthetic for the theater and cut to the theater young, seeking an audience. With specific regard to the media because they dominate in the modern world and can not be ignored. An example of action to do so by a contemporary theater can be action in the field of interactive drama.

Next to scene is smaller and dim the screen where the audience talking to each other by means of smartphones in the chat, commenting on what is happening on stage.

New Exhibition
Objective: to take the risk to do something different in form and content in accordance with the philosophy of the carousel cultures.
Assume the giant, almost “sacred” space which is visited one art historian in one hour doesn’t make sense. It should make an act of profanation, and invite “barbarians”, to create a giant café / pub among the exhibits. Additional factor improving the dynamics of this place are alternately changing exhibitions once a week.
Open not only on the different type of audience, but also to other types of authors.

Develop ideas and forge new words, to show something that is not art, but it can still be. Do not be afraid of being accused of cheapness, on the contrary, love being ridiculed and criticized.
The possibility of commenting objects of the exhibition through the phone and the network wifi. Comments are displayed on a raw, simple screens under exhibition objects.

I was a little afraid to write the paragraph below.
It fits neither the poetry on the blog or the arts.
But is it wrong that I am aware and knowledgeable?
I decide to take the risk and lose the purity and virginity.

Product packaging as a marketing strategy
The underground location is part of the quest for clarity, otherness and the desire to stand out which is required for further identification.
Packaging should pay attention to the buyer, make the desire to have a specific item, create a vision for the satisfaction of his possession, lead to a purchase, provide in-use (exhibition, performance, screening of the film) the expected satisfaction and finally solidify in his mind, and be saved.
Packaging (first in the London underground art center) plays an increasingly important role due to the ever-important role in making impulsive purchases. Purchase of this type occurs when the packaging (original location) induces unscheduled desire to purchase. Impulsive purchase is carried out through recall or through visual suggestion.
Events held in the ancient salt mines or underground tour desk with old cellars under the city have become extremely popular and are a good example.
The underground location is also in line with the basic premise of being a new / avant-garde: we are under ground, our art is not yet on the surface (in the mainstream).

My plan

This person will pay me additionally for my study.
I want to study simultaneously at two faculties at:

– New York Film Academy (Directing)
– New York Academy of Art (Painting)

The plan of my house:

This person exist

Who is … ?

Let’s make the most original house

Everything could be visible.
Yes, but among trees.

I am absolutly alone.

Nobody have sent me email.
Nobody told that have read blog.
Alone. Loneliness.

Cottage happiness

Somebody change simple cottage old sad house
to happiness.


Have a rest

My friends has two children. House among trees.
This house belowe is not their,
but atmosphere is really similar.


Home among trees

Our kids.
Two dogs.

Colorfull dream

If exist any millionaier…


Still belive. Who could forbide me?

I have free mind and dream.
This is possible.
Strong belive in it.