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• In 1994, he graduated from the Novosibirsk State University. He founded the investment company in Moscow, "Profit-House", which operated in the interests of the shareholders of "Sibneft".

• In 2003, Roman Abramovich ( 9) and other shareholders of "Sibneft" purchased from ICN Pharmaceuticals Russian factories and created a company "Pharmstandard". In 2008, buying out a partner.

• «Pharmstandard" produces 250 products, more than a third of them (86) includes a state list of "essential" drugs, which must be in every pharmacy.

• Sales of the antiviral drug "Arbidol 'best-selling drugs in Russia, were last year, 5.6 billion rubles, or about 40 rubles per capita.


Co-owner of a pharmaceutical holding company "Pharmstandard" Viktor Kharitonin, in contrast to their company - the person non-public. However, like many businessmen close to Roman Abramovich. The known facts of his life are few, but telling. His career is one of the future leaders of the Russian pharmaceutical market started in the investment company "Profit House", which was engaged in operations on the securities market and has worked closely with the company of Roman Abramovich Millhouse Capital.

He later headed the same name in Moscow "profit" company in Kalmykia. In 2003, Millhouse bought for $ 55 million from the American ICN Pharmaceuticals five pharmaceutical plants and nearly a hundred stores in Russia. Based on these pharmaceutical companies and was created by holding "Pharmstandard". Before the IPO in spring 2007, 100% owned company that structure Augment Investments, which Haritoninu leading shareholder owned 49% and where the co-owners listed himself Abramovich. During the public offering of the company was valued at more than $ 2.2 billion Haritonin proved its effectiveness as a collector and restrukturizatora pharmaceutical companies.

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Viktor Haritonin (born November 20, 1972) - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding Pharmstandard.

He graduated from Novosibirsk State University. In 1999 he founded "Profit-House." In 2003, she became one of the founders of the holding "Pharmstandard."

Part of the hundred richest people in Russia, according to Forbes Russia magazine rating

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The majority shareholder "Pharmstandard", Russia's largest drugmaker, was the owner of Viktor Kharitonin closed unit investment fund "Reconstruction and Development", in which the property at the beginning of 2009 there were 99 commercial buildings with total area of ??25.9 thousand square meters. m. This is mainly real estate, which was not included in the sale of pharmaceutical business group, Mr. Haritonina "Protek".

Viktor Kharitonin out of pharmacy business in 2006 when, together with a partner - the owner of "Alcor and Co" (perfume and cosmetics chain, "L'Etoile", etc.) Maxim Klimov to sell them on a parity basis network "O3 'group companies "Protec". The deal was estimated by experts at $ 75-100 million later, "O3" was integrated into the "Rigla 'own retail project" Protek ".

Told "Kommersant" manager of a real estate fund managers of companies in the deal are not logged areas, "O3", "Shopping area, most of which now rents a" Rigla "were transferred to a closed-end mutual fund" Reconstruction and Development. "Shareholder fund is controlled by Viktor Kharitoninu Company "Profit-HOUSE". " A source close to Mr Haritoninu, said that "Profit House" owns 100% of the fund units. "Part of the premises shall be truly" Rigla ", mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The rest - the brick and mortar retail in the regions of the central streets," - he adds. The businessman at the request "b" no answer. "Rigla" at the end of 2008 united the 585 pharmacies, according to the DSM Group, so the property can be master Haritonina about a quarter of the real estate occupied by the network. The representative of "Protek" Polina Belyaeva confirmed that the deal "on the part of the premises was a long-term lease contract."

According to the fund at the beginning of 2009, he united the 99 commercial buildings with total area of ??25.9 thousand square meters. m in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Yakutsk, Magnitogorsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk, Petersburg, Tula, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Tyumen, Perm, Samara and Noyabrsk. The total value of real estate mutual fund - 4.56 billion rubles. (11 th place on the value of the assets, the leaders - foundations, "Our Town" from 14.7 billion rubles. And "Northern capital" from 13.3 billion rubles).. As a result, the fund has paid shareholders 470 million rubles. That secured him first place among similar funds in return (see table).

Since March of last year, Viktor Kharitonin is the major shareholder of Russia's largest farmholdinga JSC "Pharmstandard": he owns 70% of the Cyprus Augment Investments Ltd (56.7% owned by public companies, the remaining shares are pharmaceutical companies - the free float). Proceeds of the 2008 - 14.3 billion rubles., Net profit - 3.5 billion rubles. Capitalizing on LSE - $ 2,42 billion, occupies the 64th place on Forbes magazine ranking of the "Russian billionaires in 2009," a personal fortune estimated at $ 620 million, or 18.2 billion rubles.

In 2007, co-owner of "Pharmacy chain 36.6" Artem Bektemirov explained, "Kommersant" that the transfer of real estate mutual funds in pharmacies frees "frozen assets." Itself "36.6" double selling real estate funds in October 2005 placing a pharmacy - PIFu "Commercial property" under control "Troika Dialogue" in December 2007, ten pharmacies in Moscow and one in Yekaterinburg - the fund "Renaissance-Business Real Estate "under control" Renaissance Property Management. " The interest of retailers to PIFS Director General of the Criminal Code of "Solid - real estate funds," Vadim Sachkov explained by the fact that shareholders do not pay income taxes (only in the sale of the unit), and for the property in the fund, it is impossible to arrest.


Founder of "Pharmstandard", the leading manufacturer of drugs in Russia, Viktor Kharitonin acquires a business center, "North Tower" (135 thousand square meters) in MIBC "Moscow City", wrote on Monday, the newspaper "Businessman" referring to a fellow entrepreneur and a source for real estate market.

The article states that the business center through the JSC "North Tower" owned by Konstantin Nikolaev, Andrey Filatov, Nikita Mishin, who in 2007 bought out the owner of "Severstal" Mordashov 50% of vehicle holding "Severstaltrans" (renamed "H -Trans ").

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), the publication reported that the Office is considering the request of the Cyprus' Transnovainvest "to purchase 100% of the voting shares of JSC" North Tower ".

"One of these days will give approval to the deal" - said the representative FAS newspaper.

According to one of the market participants, which are contained in the material, "recently exhibited tower for $ 260 million, given that some areas had previously been sold." He added that in mid-April, "North Tower" has been withdrawn from sale.

According to the newspaper, owned 70% Haritoninu Cyprus Augment Investments Ltd, which owns 56.7% of JSC "Pharmstandard." JSC owns four factories, including the famous "Ufavit" a total capacity of 1.3 billion units per year. In April, "Pharmstandard" has acquired 11.3% shares of Latvian Group Grindeks (drug mildronat).

However, the newspaper said, is already owned by private Haritoninu mutual fund "Reconstruction and Development", in which the property at the beginning of 2009 there were 99 commercial buildings with total area of ??25.9 thousand square meters.

The article states that the shareholders of "N-Trance" looking for a buyer for "North Tower" more than a year. In spring 2009, one of the contenders for the part of the space object known as TPS investment fund controlled by the NCSP. Then one of the interlocutors of the publication claimed that the owners of the tower offering offices to buy 4000 dollars per 1 square meter.

According to brokers, last summer, has sold a 12-storey tower block (24 thousand square meters, just three blocks), most of whom rent "Transtelecom", but the buyer is not called.

"The largest tenant," North Tower "is also a General Motors," Rosinter ", Hyundai Motor, Motorola. In 2010, the expected rental income of the complex may be about $ 48 million", - quotes the edition of consultant sales and acquisitions of Cushman & Wakefield Andrew Kuhar.

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Work for drugs | Russian President Haritonin pharmacists and Yegor Kulkov received Kharkov "Biolek"

November 12 Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine allowed the Russian JSC "Pharmstandard" to acquire a controlling stake in JSC "Kharkiv plant for the production of immunologic and drugs" Biolek. " Sell-side steel structure of the former principal owner VABank Sergei Maksimov. Last week, "Pharmstandard" (which unites three companies, revenues in the first half of 2010 about $ 400 million) secured the support of the AMC to acquire more than 50% of the Kharkiv plant "Biolek." Information about the expansion of the Russians in the Ukrainian market has appeared this summer. On behalf of the buying of them figured Cyprus Trans Nova Investments - the structure of the head of the board of directors "Pharmstandard" Viktor Kharitonina. Then the Russian press has implied that in talks to buy "Biolek" - the personal initiative of Mr. Haritonina. Now it turns out that he was acting in conjunction with Yegor Kulkov, which is his main business partner, "Pharmstandard." In the Russian office of the latter fact confirmed the impending deal, but left without comment. We only know that the price issue, figured in earlier negotiations, the order of $ 12 million This amount can be called more than comfortable for the buyer, given that the object of absorption is the only Ukrainian producer of vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, and has an annual turnover in level of 100 million USD. The relatively low value of the asset, apparently due to the fact that since the beginning of the year around "Biolek" smoldering conflict between shareholders' Majoritarian Sergei Maximov and Alexander Bogatyrev minority shareholder, the son of the head of the Council of National Security and Defense Raisa Bohatyryova. According to the "DS", both members of the supervisory board "Biolek" in February 2010 ..

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Viktor Kharitonin going to buy BC "North Tower" 31/05/2010

The founder of "Pharmstandard", the leading producer of drugs in Russia, Viktor Kharitonin acquires business center "North Tower" in the "Moscow City".

Business center through ZAO "North Tower" own Konstantin Nikolaev, Andrey Filatov, Nikita Mishin, who in 2007 bought out the owner of "Severstal" Mordashov 50% of transport holding "Severstaltrans" (renamed "N-Trance").
The Federal Antimonopoly Service said that before the Office application is Cyprus' Transnovainvest "to purchase 100% of the voting shares of CJSC" North Tower ", writes" Kommersant ".
According to one of the market participants, "recently exhibited tower for $ 260 million, taking into account that some areas had previously been sold." He adds that in mid-April, "North Tower" has been withdrawn from sale.

"North Tower" has become one of the first facilities built in the "Moscow City". The total floor area of ??135 thousand square meters. m


Businessman Viktor Kharitonin buying a business center, "North Tower" in the "Moscow City"

Businessman Viktor Kharitonin, is the founder of a leading manufacturer of medical products in Russia - "Pharmstandard" buying a business center, "North Tower" an area of ??135 thousand square meters. m in the business district, "Moscow City".

The owners of the business center is by far the JSC "North Tower". In the FAS report that the Office Cyprus "Transnovainvest" sent a petition to acquire 100% of the voting shares of JSC "North Tower".

FAS representative said that the other day deal would be approved.

Kharitonov has a 70% Augment Investments Ltd (Cyprus), which owns 56.7% of JSC "Pharmstandard." The company owns 4 plants, including the famous "Ufavit."

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JSC "Pharmstandard" - Russia's largest pharmaceutical company (based on data for the II quarter of 2009, the share of "Pharmstandard" accounted for more than 12% of the total production of medicines in the country) [1]. Full name - Open Joint Stock Company "Pharmstandard". The head office is located in Dolgoprudny (Moscow region).

"Pharmstandard" was founded in 2003 by "Profit-house" (the structure of Millhouse Capital, Abramovich manages assets). The property company at this point there were only two Russian pharmaceutical factory "Fitofarm-NN" in Nizhny Novgorod and the "Ufavita" in Ufa. The U.S. pharmaceutical giant was acquired by ICN Pharmaceuticals Five: "October" in St. Petersburg, "Marbiopharm" in Yoshkar-Ola, "Leksredstva" Kursk "Polypharm" in Chelyabinsk and "Tomskhimfarm" in Tomsk.

Subsequently, three plants for various reasons have been sold or closed: "October" (inconveniently located in the heart of the city), "Marbiopharm" (focused on secondary to the strategy of "Pharmstandard" production of substances), "Polypharm" (require too much investment.)

In 2005, "Pharmstandard" bought Tyumen Plant of Medical Equipment and tools.

All businesses, "Pharmstandard" are constantly being upgraded [source not specified 508 days] to meet international quality standards GMP. By 2006, the company spent for these purposes more than $ 70 million [2].

In 2006, "Pharmstandard" bought the company "Masterlek" in the assets which had 15 brands. In particular, they obtained the right to Arbidol, Amiksin and Flucostat. At this point, the holding capacity greater than 1 billion cases per year, in the factories "Pharmstandard" produced all forms of drugs (tablets, suspensions, capsules, sprays). By the end of the year Arbidol came in first place in sales in Russia, ahead of Viagra and tincture of hawthorn [3].

In 2006 the company started production of several high-tech products: the first in Russia, growth hormone, Rastan, developed at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, and genetically engineered human insulin Biosulin. At the moment, "Pharmstandard" - Russia's largest producer of insulin [4]. Capacity of the company would be enough to secure 100% of the needs of the Russians in this preparation, but so far most of the insulin Russia imports from abroad [5].

Since 2007, "Pharmstandard" actively working with foreign partners: for example, to "Tomskhimfarme" together with Solvey Pharma (France) started the production of drugs and IRS19 Imudon.

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In 2008, "Pharmstandard" entered into an agreement with the Latvian company "Grindex" (Latvia) on exclusive distribution and promotion drug Mildronate, develops Afobazol issue, implement the production of genetically engineered drug Neypomaks.

In 2009, "Pharmstandard" became the first and only currently a member of the International Council of Russian manufacturers, distributors and consumers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (excipients) in Europe (IPEC Europe) [6]. In the same year the company sold the operation to implement a specialized IP-solutions for central office and the plants [7].
The owners and management

General Director - Igor Krylov. Chairman of the Board of Directors - President Haritonin.

The main owner of the company - Augment Investments Ltd (57% owned by Victor and Yegor Haritoninu Kulkova), 18% of the shares traded on the MICEX and RTS, 25% in the form of GDR - the London Stock Exchange. In March 2008, Roman Abramovich, Shvidler and Millhouse Capital Management, formerly owned large stakes in companies that went out of its capital [8].
Primary distribution

May 4, 2007 during a public offering (Initial Public Offering, IPO) company placed its shares in the Russian Trading System (RTS) and Global Depository Receipts (Global Depository Receipts, GDR) on the London Stock Exchange (London Stock Exchange, LSE). Investors have shown interest in the shares of the company, and was hosted by the upper limit of the set range - $ 58.2 per share and $ 14.55 per depositary receipt. The capitalization of the company for IPO of $ 2.2 billion .

"Pharmstandard" posted on the Russian stock exchanges in London and 40% of the share capital, generated $ 880 million before the strike. Global co-coordinators have enlisted Citi and UBS Investment Bank.

Pharmstandard - the first Russian pharmaceutical company, whose shares are traded on the international market [source not specified 508 days].

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By early 2010, "Pharmstandard" belonged to four pharmaceutical plants and a plant for production of medical equipment and instruments. At the company's plants produced more than 240 names of drugs (about 90 names are on the list of essential drugs (VED)). Power company is more than 1.3 billion packages a year.

"Pharmstandard-Ufavita" in Ufa. The factory was founded in 1916. General Director - Vladimir Kreyman. Number of employees - 1,400. The main brands: "Complivit", "Biosulin", "Rastan", "Neypomaks", "Phosphogliv."
"Pharmstandard-Fitofarm-NN" in Nizhny Novgorod
"Pharmstandard-Tomskhimfarm" in Tomsk. The factory was founded in 1913. General Manager - Paul Smachkov. Number of employees - more than 600 people. The main brands: "Arbidol", "Amiksin", "Imudon", "Termikon", "IRS-19."
"Pharmstandard-Leksredstva" in the same town. The factory was founded in 1922. General Manager - Eugene Pass. Number of employees - over 1,450 people. The main brands: "Arbidol", "Pentalgin", "Phosphogliv."
Tyumen Plant of Medical Equipment and Tools. The factory was founded in 1962. General Director - Alexander Nizovtsev. The main specialization of the plant - medical devices for single use (needles, syringes, IVs, catheters, urinals), sterilization equipment (steam sterilizers), water distillers, collections of water.

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Revenues under IFRS for the first half of 2009 amounted to 10.062 billion rubles. (Growth in comparison with the first half of 2008 to 62%), net profit - 2.588 billion rubles. (An increase of 47%) [10].

Revenues under IFRS in 2008 amounted to 14.3 billion rubles., Net profit - 3.5 billion rubles [11].

The company's revenues in 2007 amounted to 11.3 billion rubles. (2006 - 8.5 billion rubles., 22% growth) and net profit - 3.2 billion rubles. (2 bn.) [12].
Prizes and rankings

In 2005 the company won a place in the rating of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturer [13].

Arbidol drug, which is included in the portfolio, took a first line of sales in 2007 on the Russian OTC market [14].

In 2007, "Pharmstandard" awarded "Company of the Year" [15] and won first place in the ranking of the Russian manufacturers, compiled by the Center for Marketing Research "Pharmexpert."

In early 2008, "Pharmstandard" walked the hundred fastest growing companies in Europe according to experts BusinessWeek [16], ranked first in retail sales in Russia [17] and the second among operators in the Russian pharmaceutical market. The company entered the list of strategic enterprises in Russia, which if necessary will be provided with state support.

In 2008, drug Pentalgin won the award "People's Brand / Brand 1 in Russia" in the category of "analgesics". In 2009 in the category "Vitamins" beat drug Complivit

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