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David N. is son of Richard Scaife (owns and publishes the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

David N. Scaife - son of Richard David N. Scaife - wife Sarah David N. Scaife portrait

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Richard Mellon Scaife, born July 3, 1932, is a newspaper publisher, businessman, philanthropist and American lobbyist.

Richard MellonScaife owns and publishes the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. With $ 1.2 billion, Scaife, as heir of the main banking (Mellon Bank), Mellon, oil (Gulf Oil) and fortune in aluminum (Alcoa), ranked No. 283 on list of 400 richest Americans in 2005 in Forbes 400.

Scaife is particularly known for its financial support for conservatives and liberals and libertarians in the United States as well as political organizations of the extreme right during the last twenty years. He brought financial assistance to conservative or liberal causes in the United States, mostly by private foundations, nonprofit, he controlled: the Sarah Scaife Foundation, the Carthage Foundation and the Allegheny Foundation and up in 2001, the Scaife Family Foundation, now controlled by his children, his daughter Jennie and son David1, 2. Scaife also helped fund the Arkansas Project, which led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

Richard Mellon Scaife was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Alan Scaife, the head of a wealthy family in Pittsburgh and Sarah Mellon, who was a member of the influential family Mellon, one of the most powerful families in the United States . Sarah Mellon Scaife was the niece of former Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, Andrew W. Mellon. She and her brother, the RK Mellon Financial, were the heirs to the Mellon fortune that included Mellon Bank and major interests in the Gulf Oil and Alcoa Aluminum.

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Scaife attended the Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts. He was expelled from Yale University after a party alcoholic and completed his studies at the University of Pittsburgh where his father was the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Richard Scaife graduated a degree in English in 19573.

Scaife inherited seats on numerous boards of directors of business when his father died suddenly in 1958. However his family quarreled with her uncle, RK Scaife, who retained control of companies. His mother encouraged him to get involved in philanthropic family, he followed her advice.

In 1973 he quarreled with his sister, Cordelia Scaife May and took control of most family foundations while Cordelia supported itself its own acts of charity, including Planned Parenthood and the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Shortly before his death, Cornelia and Richard were reconciled and Richard Mellon Scaife praised him in January 2005 4 praising "Cordy" for having devoted his life and resources "to causes that were worth

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Buy the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

In 1970, Scaife has bought a small newspaper on the market, "Tribune-Review. The newspaper's headquarters was based in Greensburg, Pa., a town of about 15,000 inhabitants located approximately 48 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. For several years the newspaper has been published and circulated in the region Greensburg6.

Scaife made headlines in 1973 when a reporter from the Tribune-Review "was terminated for having made the remark" one is down and the other on the start "at the time of Watergate about the Vice-President , Spiro Agnew, who had been convicted of charges of corruption during his term as Governor of Maryland. When the editors of journalist colleagues have demanded an explanation from Richard Scaife at a meeting with him, challenging his response brought a number of them to resign (some also returned later to their decision). The newspaper was often accused of influence, especially against members of the Committee Political Director Westmoreland County large Democratic majority.

In 1992, the two major newspapers in Pittsburgh were involved in a lengthy labor dispute that led, ultimately, that the largest newspaper, the Pittsburgh Press, ceases its activity and that the remaining newspaper, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, suspend its publication for nearly six months until the publication was acquired by Scaife at the end of the year7. Throughout this period, developed Scaife's newspaper operations in Pittsburgh and renamed the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Although the name has changed and there are several satellite offices in Pittsburgh and its suburbs, the headquarters of the newspaper remained in Greensburg, 56 miles east of Pittsburgh near the house of Richard Scaife.

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Media interest and leadership

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review continued to defy the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the Pittsburgh media market. Twelve years after the newspaper Scaife has started airing, the Post-Gazette announced major financial losses and the unions representing the employees agreed to concessions on wages to keep the newspaper afloat. Unlike Scaife, owner of the Post-Gazette, the family of the Bloc, would not incur major losses year after year. According to documents produced during the divorce Scaife, Richard Scaife spent successively 20 and $ 30 million per year to cover losses in the Tribune-Review8. According to the Audit Bureau of Publications, The Tribune-Review had 221,000 readers Regional, about 7,000 fewer subscribers than its competitor.

In 2005, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review announced the consolidation of operations of its suburban editions, with "staff reductions" in the newsroom, management and distribution departments 9. Two directors were sacked immediately and other staff members later in 2005.

With Scaife as editor, the news spread of small newspaper editorials, articles and news stating that the U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife, First Lady, Hillary Clinton, were responsible for the death of Deputy Adviser to the White House Vincent Foster. Scaife paid a freelance journalist Christopher W. Ruddy to investigate and write about the Foster case for the Tribune-Review and other right-wing media 10. The Independent Prosecutor Kenneth Starr, appointed to investigate Clinton, concluded that Foster had indeed suicidé11.

In 2004, it was reported that Richard Scaife had 7.2% of Newsmax Media, a news website with an online conservative editorial policy, founded by Christopher Ruddy in 199812. In 2009, Richard Mellon Scaife controlled about 42% of Newsmax, while Ruddy as majority owner, CEO and editor in chief, had 58%


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Politics and Philanthropy

Scaife's interest in politics is multifactorial:

He loves newspapers, he began reading from his childhood.
His father served in the OSS during the Second World War and the family lived in Washington, DC for a short time. (The various functional units of the OSS were reconstituted in 1947 under the name of CIA;
It was under the influence of Robert Duggan, the fiance of his sister, Cordelia, who later became her husband. Scaife has worked for political campaigns of Duggan and Duggan has been twice elected representative of the Public Ministry of Allegheny County. Duggan help Richard Scaife to become a member of the Republican Party in Allegheny County in 1956 before he was indicted by a grand jury for tax evasion on income and fraud.

Moreover, in 1974, Duggan kill himself with a shotgun, a few hours before it was summoned by a grand jury for tax evasion on income and fraud.

Scaife joined the presidential campaign of 1964 for Barry Goldwater, with whom his mother was bound.

Mellon fortune which Scaiffe inherited allowed him to continue his political activism. In 1965, when Sarah Scaife died, Richard Mellon Scaife has inherited not only increased its financial fortunes, but also a great influence on family foundations.
Support of Richard Nixon

Scaife gained notoriety for making a final race to end campaign for Nixon, at the low funding of the latter when he made a gift of $ 990 000 during the campaign that led Richard Nixon to his re-election of President United States in 1972. Scaife was not charged with a crime, but gave approximately $ 45 000 who went to a fund linked to the Watergate scandal. Scaife said later that he was repulsed by this scandal and he refused to speak with Nixon after 1973. Duggan's suicide in 1974 and the Watergate scandal, Scaife led to change, whereas the allocation of its financial aid reserving the campaigns of politicians or research groups anti-communist, and the legal defense fund and their publications.

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Opposition to Bill Clinton

Scaife's publications have been significantly involved in the campaign against Bill Clinton, then President.

Scaife was the leading donor to the American Spectator, "which the Arkansas Project was intended to find evidence against Bill Clinton in particular through the accusations of Paula Jones sexual harassment against him, the newspaper helped to spread widely to the American public.
In 1999, in a series of articles by Scaife and / or its foundations supporting conservative causes, the Washington Post quoted a close collaborator of Richard Scaife, Richard Larry, not Scaife himself as the man who Arkansas led Project14, 15.

Regardless of its original intent, Arkansas Project has not only accused Clinton of sexual and financial indiscretions (some later verified, some not), but also gave root to the "hyperbolic conspiracy theory" with allegations such that Bill Clinton would have collaborated with the CIA to run a drug smuggling operation from the town of Mena, Arkansas or the Clinton couple had arranged for the murder at the White House counsel Vince Foster's order stifle the Whitewater affair. The possibility that we would have given money to the project of Clinton's former partner, David Hale, a witness in the Whitewater investigation, led to the appointment of Michael J. Shaheen as special investigator. Shaheen cited by the editor Scaife, who testified before a federal grand jury indictment on this issue.

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However, in late 2007, Ruddy published a positive meeting with former President Clinton on, followed by a lead article in the magazine also positive. The New York Times reported this event by stating that "politics had made some strange bedfellows." 16 Newsweek reported that Ruddy congratulated Clinton for the overall work of his Foundation and explained that maintenance, as well as the private luncheon that he and Scaife had with Bill Clinton (Ruddy said that lunch had been arranged by Ed Koch) were due to the shared vision, as Ruddy and Scaife had important work being carried out by Bill Clinton in representing the United States globally while the United States was the target of all criticism. He also said that he and Scaife had never suggested that Clinton was involved in Foster's death, nor had they extended their claims to the sex scandals of Bill Clinton, although their work may in be encouraged to autres17.
Hillary Rodham Clinton Support

On April 20, 2008, two days before the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Hillary Rodham no means for the Democratic nomination, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Scaife supported by Hillary Clinton as President 18.

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Political donations

According from 1999 to 2006, Scaife has, under the name "R. Scaife, made 10 contributions over $ 200 in political campaigns, for a total of $ 19 000. Under the name "RM Scaife" has made 4 donations, totaling $ 22,000. Under the name Richard Scaife, he made 23 donations during this period, for a total of $ 142 904. In addition to donations to the "Republican National Committee" and various political campaigns of 2000 and as Santorum Victory Committee Santorum Rick Santorum, he also supported "Political Action Committees" as the "Pro-Growth Action Team, the "Free Congress PAC" and "Club For Growth Inc.. CAP. Scaife also funded the Western Journalism Center, headed by Joseph Farah. It was inscribed on the list of "PoliticsPA (political activism Superiors of Pennsylvania)» 19.
Scaife Family Foundation Management

When Scaife again refocused its support to politicians with a rejection of communism as well as research groups, anti-Communist, among the legal defense fund and publications, the first to be argued was the "Hoover Institution on War , Revolution and Peace at Stanford University.

Through its contacts obtained through the "Hoover Institution" and interpersonal skills in various settings, Scaife became a major supporter, one of the first supporters of the Heritage Foundation, which has been one of the research institutes of public policy most influential in Washington. Richard Mellon Scaife is currently vice-chairman of the board of directors of the Heritage Foundation20.

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Pepperdine University

Scaife also has a new school of public policy at Pepperdine University. The former Independent Prosecutor Kenneth Starr, was appointed the first dean of this school, although Pepperdine deny any connection between Scaife and Starr on the choice of the latter. Starr accepted the post in 1996, but faced with the controversy that followed, he gave up his appointment despite being paid since 1998 without ever having begun to exercise at Pepperdine University before. However, once the investigation was behind him, Starr was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Law at Pepperdine University in 2004.
Other philanthropic aid

Scaife is famous for his contributions to conservative and liberal causes. The Washington Post dubbed him "the Founding Father's Law" in 1999.

However, it has also supported policy research groups that are not explicitly conservative, as the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the National Endowment for Democracy and the Research Institute of Foreign Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, among others.

Scaife has also been a major donor counsel abortion rights, including family planning, giving millions of $ to the organization, although most of these donations were prior to the 1970s, as the "Washington Post" 14.

In the late 1990s at the height of the scandals of Clinton, Scaife has nonetheless continued to provide over $ 1 million to the "Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and be the first private donor of Public Service Broadcasting, the "Public Broadcasting Service. His donations to restore and decorate the White House had led to what he receives an invitation from Hillary Clinton herself for a celebration "Dress rigor." She was warmly greeted and posed with him for a photograph on the same day when the tabloids came a new blow to a sex scandal of her husband. Scaife told the "New York Post that he appreciated the invitation of Mrs. Clinton. "I am honored," he has said. "The Lord knows, it's more than what I have ever from George Bush." ??

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Scaife has also supported groups apolitical. It is a key benefactor of a number of arts organizations based in Pittsburgh such as: the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Sarah Scaife Galleries at the Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh, "Brandywine Conservancy, Phipps Conservatory and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, as well as "Goodwill Industries of Pittsburgh. Scaife and his foundations have funded the Sarah Scaife's favorite causes: population control (such as Planned Parenthood), the preservation of the environment and hospitals; Jonas Salk developed his vaccine against polio in a laboratory funded by a foundation Sarah Scaife. It also supports a variety of educational institutions including the University of Chicago, "Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy" at Tufts University, Carnegie Mellon University, Boston University, the University Pittsburgh, University of Rochester and State University in Bowling Green.

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Richard Mellon Scaife was married once, with Frances L. Gilmore (born December 2, 1934). The couple had two children, Jennie K. Scaife (born July 8, 1963) and David N. Scaife (born February 5, 1966). The couple has subsequently divorced.

In June 1991 he married his longtime companion, Margaret "Ritchie" Battle Scaife (born February 15, 1947), which had influenced the style of gift from Richard Scaife foundations that made them the couple Most active in social and cultural life of the patrician Pittsburgh.

The couple eventually separated and December 27, 2005, Pittsburgh Police received a call from Richard Scaife himself complaining about the violation of his residence located in the prestigious neighborhood of Shadyside in Pittsburgh. When police arrived, they found Mrs. Ritchie Scaife, Scaife was with his wife separated, pounding on doors and peering through the windows of the mansion the couple. Mrs. Scaife refused to vacate the property and was arrested with summons to appear no longer in that place 25.

On April 8, 2006, the "Tribune-Review" published an article describing a fight between the ex-wife separated, Scaife, Margaret "Ritchie" Battle Scaife, accompanied by an old dog that he called Richard Scaife humorous "New York Daily News" and the latter had offered him, and three servants of Richard Scaife. The brawl was such that newspapers have reported that domestic Scaife had had to be hospitalized with scrapes and bruises after the fight with their ex-patronne26, 27. After this incident, Scaife has placed a sign on his lawn: "Wife and Dog missing - Reward for Dog."

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On April 11, 2006 Scaife has given to a society columnist that he and Margaret "Ritchie" Scaife Battlet, 58, were planning to divorce and that their marriage had taken place without writing a marriage contract. The columnist of the New York Daily News "has valued the assets of Richard Scaife vulnerable to half of $ 1.2 billion 27.

In September 2007, the Post-Gazette "and the reporter Dennis Roddy found documents Scaife's divorce, which despite being under seal, were publicly available on the website of the Notarial Office of Allegheny County. The Post-Gazette "has all available documents of divorce on the newspaper's website 8. The documents included a complete list of all property that Mrs. Scaife had made and kept to herself, according to statements by Richard Scaife 29.

Richard Scaife was appointed to "PoliticsPA" that is to say on the list "of political figures with the most power in Pennsylvania in 2002 and 2003

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