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Sir John Zochonis - The Manchester soap magnate, chairman for 20 years of cosmetics giant PZ Cussons, has given away millions to regional, national and international causes. He formed the Zochonis Charitable

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PZ Cussons is a network group with Cable & Wireless Worldwide

Cable & Wireless Worldwide has signed a three-year contract worth several million euros with the group PZ Cussons to establish a high-speed optical network (3.84 Tb / s) which will enter service in 2011. Based on IP VPN Cable & Wireless Worldwide, this new network will enable PZ Cussons to improve communication between its various offices and to offer new services to its employees including instant messaging, voice or video. And that's not all as different applications for HR and Financial Services Group are also planned.

"We understand that communication is essential for trade. The network we have provided PZ Cussons also ensure a reliable and robust network, combined with flexibility and adaptability to accompany their growth, "said Nick Lambert, Managing Director for Global Markets at Cable & Wireless Worldwide.

To meet the demand of PZ Cussons, Cable & Wireless Worldwide has connected to submarine cable South Atlantic 3 (SAT-3) submarine cable telecommunications between Portugal and Spain and South Africa ( by connecting many countries in West Africa) and the system of telecommunications cables south-east Asia (SEACOM), the first cable to provide broadband connectivity to the South and East Africa as South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya who have until now used satellite connections, slower and more expensive.

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Pure Audio Visual performed the first installation in the new headquarters
PZ Cussons, a multinational consumer goods, has left its premises in Stockport and moved to its new headquarters of almost 4000 sq ft business park in Manchester.
The new offices, built specially, will offer a modern working environment and challenging, better adapted to future requirements of the Group continues to develop its international activities.
Manufacturer of Imperial Leather and Carex and market leader in personal hygiene, the company sought to create an effect of wonder at the entrance of its new flagship site with ...

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PZ CUSSONS reports earnings end of the semester was ending November 2010

The company has recovered from losses of volume in the first quarter to second quarter and recorded a cumulative growth of 45% of turnover and operating profit for last year.
The recovery in sales is primarily due to the support of strong brands, the launch of innovative products and reintroduction of bars of soap for washing.
Earnings before taxes, however, declined by 37% after taking into account the costs of restructuring (GHC 850,000) related to changes in the supply chain who are now largely complete.
Our focus on preserving liquidity remained effective with 54% increase in operating cash flow over one year.
We remain optimistic about growth in the third quarter while our focus on our core brands to distributors and margin improvement are in the process of bearing fruit. Our strategy for growth and profitability were in line with our expectations at the same time as we continue to implement the necessary actions to address external factors that affect our long-term creation of shareholder value.

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