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Sir David McMurtry is Chairman and Chief Executive of global engineering company Renishaw plc, the United Kingdom's largest supplier of metrology equipment. He lives in a futuristic home at Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire

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Wotton-under-Edge is an English village situated in the district of Stroud and the county of Gloucestershire. In 2001 it had 5400 inhabitants. Wotton-under-Edge is located in the southern Cotswolds, 8 km from the M5.
The town is known for his "Ancient Ram Inn, one of the most haunted hotels in the country.

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Renishaw plc, Tesa SA and Hexagon Metrology, Inc.. reached an amicable settlement of the dispute that pitted and pending in court of Illinois, USA. After the agreement confidientialité in resolving this dispute, the ongoing trial in the State of Illinois will lead to a dismissal. The dispute concerned the patent modular measurement heads attached to a stylus or a CMM equipped with an M8 thread and a distributor of sensors designed for storage and exchange of the different probes.

Sir David McMurtry, Chairman and Managing Director of Renishaw Chairman said: "We are delighted that agreement and we can now continue to provide innovative solutions on the market for metrology

"The end of this trial we pleased. We believe that mutual understanding with Renishaw is favorable to both parties. Hexagon Metrology is now once again focus exclusively on its strengths, namely the manufacture of metrology solutions and service to our clients rather than wasting time and money in the course of hearing, "said Ola Rollen , CEO of Hexagon AB.

Renishaw, based in the United Kingdom, is specialized in the conception, design, manufacture, and sale of equipment and precision metrology and inspection in many industries. To date, Renishaw plc was awarded twelve prizes "Queen's Awards reward among other technological success, success in export or, more recently, the entire society in the innovation category.
Tesa AG develops and manufactures, among other things, probe systems for CMMs.
Hexagon Metrology, Inc.. distributes both probes Renishaw and Tesa brand in North America. Tesa and Hexagon Metrology Hexagon AB belong.


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Renishaw Plc. - Control of Non-contact tool

Control of Non-contact tool

Renishaw has developed software that is used in conjunction with existing control tools without contact NC1, NC3 and NC4.

The routines of the program include the following features:

* Static measurement of lengths, eg. boring tool, threading tool
* Determination of lengths for spindle rotation, eg. bur shank, cutting heads
* Quick check tool breakage
* Automatic tool measurement
* Control of cutting geometry and profiles to check for breakage of a single sharp
* Temperature compensation

Renishaw systems monitoring tools are available as modular or systems support and meet many different applications. All systems use technology that ensures MicroHole IP68 protection even during the action cycles. In addition, the system has NC4 PassiveSeal integrated functionality that ensures full protection even in the event of an interruption in the supply of compressed air. An active suppression of false alarms drops inhibited by drops of coolant.

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