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Pier is son of Mary and Rene Anselmo (co-founded PanAmSat)

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PanAmSat Corporation, established in 1984 by Rene Anselmo, was a provider of satellite services with headquarters located in Wilton (Connecticut), United States. He operated a fleet of telecommunications satellites used by audiovisual groups, news agencies, providers of Internet access, government agencies and telecommunications operators.

PanAmSat had broken the monopoly then held Intelsat, which was at that time an international organization in the transmission of international telecommunications satellite. Thanks to lobbying the Congress of the United States led by Anselmo, the company obtained a permit global satellite operations to enable it to compete with Intelsat.

Following the death of Rene Anselmo in 1996, PanAmSat was sold to Hughes Electronics, a subsidiary of General Motors, for $ 3 billion. The company continued its activities under his name, although Hughes was its majority shareholder. Hughes Communications Galaxy in 1997 merged its operations with those of PanAmSat, increasing by 9 the number of satellites operated. In 2003, News Corporation purchased Hughes Electronics to take over the DirecTV satellite package. On April 24, 2004, News Corporation PanAmSat resold to a consortium of investment funds, including Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), Carlyle Group and Providence Equity Partners for $ 4.3 billion dollars. In August 2005, the consortium announced the sale of the rival operator Intelsat and the sale was completed in July 2006 giving birth to the first satellite operator worldwide.

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PanAmSat, the most faithful client passes to the Arianespace

PanAmSat, the most faithful client passes to the Arianespace

On the day of the announcement of a postponement of two months for the next shot of Ariane, the Russians claimed to have debauched the U.S. company PanAmSat, a client of the European launcher since 1988 and ... victim of the failure of his last flight in early December.

The private company PanAmSat has "officially renounced the European rocket, and opted for the Russian Proton rocket to ensure its orbit communication satellites," announced a spokesman for the Centre for Space Studies Khrunichev.

The same source indicates that the U.S. company specializing in international services, telecom and satellite TV, has signed a 486 million francs with the consortium of Lockheed-Khrunichev-Energia International (LKEI), a structure created year last to develop commercial applications of the Russian rocket. Launches on behalf of PanAmSat began in 1996.

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The terms of the ad need to be interpreted with caution as is intense competition among launchers European, American, Russian and Chinese. Thus the term "official denial" on Ariane seems exaggerated. The leaders of PanAmSat unreachable yesterday probably feel safer not to put all their eggs in one basket, that is to say all their satellites on the same rocket.

The fact remains that this "defect", even provisionally, takes on particular significance because of the time it occurs. The Russian contract was announced Thursday, the day Arianespace announced a two-month break in the program launches. Interruption due to the failure of Ariane derrnier fire in early December, the client was ... PanAmSat, exactly. First hitch in a great story.

Between PanAmSat and Arianespace have been forged links almost emotional. In June 1988, the first satellite of the U.S. company was launched by ... the first Ariane IV (the model currently in use). The European provider of launch services rises to the onslaught of American hegemony in the fire business. PanAmSat, she gave a first stab in the organization Intelsat monopoly on international services space communication. The operation was a success for one as for the other. Arianespace is now the world leader in commercial launches, with more than half the market. The American firm has 275 clients in 75 countries and prides itself on being the first private company to offer communications services on a global scale spatial (Libération, 16 December).

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It is also an Ariane rocket, which last July, has orbited the second satellite for PanAmSat. And it is the European launcher that killed under his cap, on December 1, the third engine of the outsider. Alas, rocket and satellite have finished their race in the Atlantic thirty minutes after takeoff, due to a malfunction of the third stage of Ariane.

Thursday, boss of Arianespace, Charles Bigot, released the findings of the Commission of Inquiry convened to analyze the causes of failure: it is probably a blocked pipe which prevented the engine from the third floor to issue any power. It would thus be an accident and not a bad system design. As a result, the shooting will resume before the end of February (the next flight was planned for late December).

However, the relationship of PanAmSat and Arianespace will not stop there. The fourth satellite in the U.S. company to be launched this summer by an Ariane IV. The fifth will be the first commercial copy of the Ariane V rocket in late 1996. The latter contract was to be unveiled with much fanfare just after the orbit of PanAmSat-3. Under the circumstances, the announcement was made through a simple statement. So it is with his sixth gear (probably started before the fifth) that PanAmSat will join the Russian Proton rocket. But how many shots?

For now, a contract remains: that of the replacement satellite PanAmSat-3R. Arianespace is committed to launch the liner when it was ready (in 12 to 18 months). A major asset when the waiting lists are growing all the shots not the world.

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PanAmSat acquires MyTV DTH platform in Africa and now supplies more than 20 platforms in the world

WILTON, Conn., March 22 / PRNewswire / -

- Strong Technologies Chooses PanAmSat to launch MyTV Saharan Africa

PanAmSat (NYSE: PA) today announced the signing with Strong Technologies llc Dubai to a multiyear contract for the distribution of programs from its PAS-10 satellite which covers the Indian Ocean. The multinational company will use the payload of this powerful Ku-band satellite to establish My TV, a platform for direct-to-Home (DTH) for sub-Saharan Africa. This platform is the latest addition to over twenty operating with PanAmSat fleet.

<<2000 Transmitting a TV, PanAmSat is the undisputed champion of the distribution of programs in the world. The management of the MyTV DTH platform strengthens our position as number one distributor of DTH platforms in Africa>> said Mike Antonovich, executive vice president of sales and marketing, PanAmSat. <<Since the launch in 1995, our first satellite in Africa, PanAmSat, the first private satellite company to do so, providing satellite transmissions able to provide our customers with the continent's Internet services and network-class data International. By supporting this new DTH platform, we reaffirm our commitment to our customers and consumers in Africa. >>

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MyTV, which recently was awarded a DTH license granted by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, will initially offer the following range of channels: BBC World, Eureka! (For children over six years and pre-teens), Baby TV, Trace TV, MCM Top, Adventure 1, Fashion TV and this, in addition to six additional channels which will be available in the coming months including sports, films and programs for children and music. Channels will be uplinked from Stellar in Germany, will use the access and encryption system Conax CAS7. At launch, the satellite receiving equipment consist of devices and SRT 4642 Strong SRT 4652 widely distributed by the Strong regional network based in Abuja, Nigeria.

<<Strong looking for new opportunities to expand its operational base. In For more information, please contact materials and tools for managing call centers, the company prospecting for new emerging markets where our products and services are not yet implemented. Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa provide opportunities for economic deployment of DTH services for millions of TV households. PAS-10 satellite for PanAmSat was allowing us to achieve this objective in the region>>, said John Tydeman, CEO in charge of the new project for Strong Technologies. For more information on MyTV, visit

PanAmSat transmits more than 500 DTH television and audio worldwide. It is the only satellite operator that provides DTH services on five continents. Its satellites are used as a platform for current and future services TV DTH in the region of the Pacific Ocean (PAS-2 and PAS-8), Americas (Galaxy 10R, PAS-6B e PAS-9), the ocean Indian (PAS-10) and Africa (PAS-7). In addition to My TV, PanAmSat customer DH includes: ABS-CBN, Arab Radio & Television (ART), Botswana TV, CBN (Sri Lanka), CCTV, DIRECTV, GlobeCast Australia, Multichoice, SelecTV, Sentech, Sky Latin America, Sky Mexico and TVB.

The Ku-band payload of the satellite PAS-10 contains many bundles to Africa, Europe, India, Middle East, Central and West Asia and North-East Asia . The beams of the satellite can be switched from one region to another, providing more versatility to create new platforms and transmit data and video services over IP.

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Strong Technologies regarding l.l.c.

Strong Technologies llc, of Dubai, was established in 1996 and is part of the company Strong & Co. (Far East)), Ltd.. Yokohama, Japan. The parent company was founded in 1868 and was the first foreign organization operates under license in Japan. The group's activities are diverse and include manufacturing and distribution of products ranging from fragrances to sporting goods on fire, carbon oil supply to the tissues, the content engine receivers and satellite TV. As a regional office, Strong Technologies llc covers the Middle and Far East, Africa, Australia and parts of Asia. The company distributes equipment for receiving satellite TV pure group. For more information, please visit:

About PanAmSat

Through its own fleet of 23 satellites it operates itself, PanAmSat (NYSE: PA) is a leading provider of communication services, distribution and satellite broadcasting. It transmits nearly 2,000 television channels worldwide. It is, as it signals the leading provider of standard and high definition. A total fleet of orbiting satellites covers more than 98% of the world's population through cable television networks, broadcast affiliates, DTH operators, Internet service providers and telecommunications companies. In addition, PanAmSat supports the largest concentration of satellite networks business in the United States and provides specialty communications services around the world and even in the remotest areas. For more information, please Consul website of the company

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