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Nijad Fares is the Chairman of Wedge Equities Incorporated and a member of the board of directors of the Wedge Group, a Houston-based international investment firm with interests in real estate, manufacturing and oilfield services.

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Rai is the teacher who throughout his pastoral tour teaches Lebanese diaspora Lebanese Lebanon as much as the basics of building a nation.

"In an Arab world that is looking for in an Arab world that saw the pain of a new child, what is the role of Lebanon? "Inquired the patriarch Rai Monday, in Cleveland, a short homily in a church of St. Maron packed. "A central role has he responded. The role of a country that has suffered a civil war that has cost a lot. "

"We must be worthy of the blood that was shed, said the patriarch, and we say that enough blood has been shed and must now take steps to peace. We have paid dearly for the lesson that only the communion and sharing are building companies, not the civil war. "

Worldliness? Perhaps, but the Maronite Patriarch has no other power than that of speech and the moral authority the door.

Late in the evening, before the guests gathered at the Renaissance Hotel, he explained again his view of the future of the region and the role that Lebanon can play in this regard.

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Before the two senators David Kucinich and Marcia Fudge, and in the presence of Samir Haykal, representing the Lebanese Forces, and Fahim Gemayel, the Kataeb Party representative, the patriarch has redefined its "line" of action. "I am the heir of three patriarchs, he said, the patriarch Hoyeck, who chose the Greater Lebanon, Patriarch Arida, who blessed the national pact between Muslims and Christians, Patriarch Sfeir, the patriarch of the new independence. If you want to place the patriarch who speak, so he must do. "

"When we asked the Patriarch Hoyeck specifically what his community, he said, my community is Lebanon. Well, what my illustrious predecessor said, I wish to endorse. My community is Lebanon. Patriarch Rai, here. This is my program: a Lebanon above all considerations, whether personal, partisan or sectarian. "

He added: "But since it comes to personal things and confessions, frankly. In Lebanon, we suffer from a serious evil, allegiance to the foreign party or to a community. But allegiances do not build Lebanon. We must leave our alignments and build a new national pact. "

The Patriarch arrived yesterday in Houston, where Nijad Issam Fares gave a large luncheon in his honor. The program of the day: a meeting with young Maronite community, a mass, and in the evening, as usual, a banquet in his honor given by the Lebanese community.

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