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Lisa is wife of Kenny Troutt (founder of Excel Communications, a Texas based telecommunications company)

Lisa Troutt is Kenny's wife Lisa Troutt - Kenny family Kenny spouse: Lisa Troutt

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Teleglobe acquired by BCE

Montreal, February 15, 2000 - Teleglobe Inc.. (NYSE, TSE: TGO) announced a
important decision which aims to promote the achievement of its objectives
strategic, or the signature of a definitive agreement to its acquisition by
BCE (NYSE, TSE: BCE), the largest communications company in Canada. The
Board of Directors of Teleglobe, including a special committee
independent directors, has unanimously agreed to support the availability of
ECB and recommend to the shareholders of the Company approve the transaction.

Two major shareholders of Teleglobe, Kenny Troutt and Telesystem
Ltd., have already given their approval. ECB, which currently holds a subsidiary
an approximate 23% interest in Teleglobe, will increase its stake to 49
% With this transaction.

Teleglobe shareholders will receive one share valued at 48.41 BCE
CAD (U.S. $ 33.41) for each common share they hold, provided
that the weighted average price of ten days of BCE (after distribution
Nortel shares) is between C $ 50 and $ 57 Cdn (U.S. $ 34 and $ 39 U.S.) five
days before the conclusion of the sale. Following these conditions, the purchase price
amounted to 9.65 billion Canadian dollars (6.66 billion U.S. dollars) for 199.4 million
common shares outstanding not owned by BCE. If
the price of BCE common shares falls below $ 50 Cdn (U.S. $ 34)
the exchange ratio at 0.97 BCE share for each share of
Teleglobe. If it exceeds $ 57 Cdn (U.S. $ 39), the exchange ratio will amount to 0.85
BCE share for each share of Teleglobe.

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"This transaction will further the objectives of growth and Teleglobe
allow BCE to take advantage of globalization and consolidation of
communications sector, said Charles Sirois, Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer of Telesystem Ltd.. Teleglobe means
accelerate its Internet strategy, while ECB adds a strong element
International to its offer. "Mr. Sirois said the transaction" would provide
more value to shareholders of Teleglobe and great benefits
long-term clients and staff. "

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Jean Monty was appointed chairman of Teleglobe, with immediate effect.
Charles Sirois will act as special adviser to Mr. Monty, while
Paolo Guidi and Christina Gold will share the duties of Chief
direction. Kenny Troutt, the largest individual shareholder of the company and
the founder of Excel Communications, the direct sales unit, retains
Chairman of the Board of Excel under a 4.9% stake in BCE.
Telesystem Ltd., a private holding company established by Charles
Sirois, will hold a stake of 2.4% in ECB.

Teleglobe will retain its headquarters in Montreal and its current name.
According to the company, the transaction should have no impact
Notable on manpower.

The transaction must receive regulatory and legal approvals
usual in Canada and the United States, including the approval of
Teleglobe shareholders. The company expects the sale will be made as early
as possible after the green light from regulators.

Teleglobe has received financial advice from Lehman Brothers and RBC
Dominion Securities in this transaction.

About Teleglobe
Teleglobe Inc.. (NYSE, TSE: TGO), which operates the Internet network
the largest in the world, is a leading global provider of broadband services.
Delivering advanced broadband applications to customers in a
hundred countries, the company brings a blanket and a depth that
are a key driver of the digital economy. To strengthen its
leadership, Teleglobe has embarked on the construction of GlobeSystem a
strategic initiative of U.S. $ 5 billion, which includes the deployment of platforms
forms scalable broadband in 160 cities around the world and their
interconnection using a high-speed data network seamlessly.
GlobeSystem is the first global network designed for the integrated transport
Internet traffic, data, images and voice. Website:

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Teleglobe confirms it is in talks with BCE

Montreal, June 13, 2000 - Faced with speculation on the stock market, BCE
Inc. an update today on its proposed acquisition of Teleglobe.

Teleglobe as BCE confirms talks began with the committee
independent of its board of directors to explore the possibility of
adjust the purchase price.

The committee agreed to meet with management of BCE and Teleglobe
determine what circumstances might give rise to such an adjustment to
Under the agreement between the parties.

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The committee also indicated that any adjustments should be submitted to
approval of the board of directors of Teleglobe and its two
principal shareholders, Messrs.. Charles Sirois and Kenny Troutt, who signed
binding agreements with BCE on the transaction. ECB has not yet
submitted a formal proposal to stakeholders.

During the course of these discussions, Teleglobe will make no further comment.

About Teleglobe
Teleglobe Inc.. (NYSE, TSE: TGO), which operates the Internet's most
extensive global is a world leader in broadband services.
Delivering advanced broadband applications to customers in a
hundred countries, the company brings a blanket and a depth that
are a key driver of the digital economy. Under the project
GlobeSystem, Teleglobe is on track to deploy broadband platforms
scalable in 160 cities around the world and linking them through
a high-speed data network seamlessly.


High maternal ancestry "Phipps"

Designed by Maria's Mon (already the father of the Derby-winner Monarchos), Super Saver carries the colors of the sprawling WinStar stables, creation of two brilliant businessmen Kenny Troutt and Bill Casner, buyers there ten years of the 700 hectares of Prestonwood Stud, they made a powerful breeding unit. He was born "WinStar" thanks to judicious acquisition of its parent Supercharger in 2006 (160.000 $), just full of Maria's Mon, and he is the second product. Granddaughter of the influential broodmare breeding Phipps Dance Number (itself Gr1 winner, sister of the eminent Private Account, both produced by the champion Numbered Account), the second mother Supercharger, Get Lucky Winner of Gr2 and is moreover own sister by Mr. Prospector winner of the Breeders' Cup Juvenile Rhythm. Furthermore Supercharger, Get Lucky has scored in its production the black types Accelerator (Gr1 placed in the Wood Memorial and Metropolitan H.), Girolamo (Gr2) and Daydreaming (Gr2) and She's A Winner (which gave the day classic Bluegrass Cat, labeled Gr1 Haskell Invitational in, but secnd Kentucky Derby).

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BCE Teleglobe swallows

BCE Inc.. announced today the signing of a definitive agreement whereby it acquired 77% shares of its competitor Teleglobe Inc.., against about $ 9.65 billion in shares of BCE.

The transaction creates a "multi-service communications company," the statement said, an understatement given that BCE (TSE: BCE) is nothing less than the largest communications company in Canada.

Through its subsidiary Bell Canada, BCE Emergis, BCE Media, BCI, CGI, Nortel Networks, BCE is now to Asia and Latin America in telecommunications and wireless, communications services and satellite television, the systems integration, electronic commerce solutions, Internet access and transmission of high speed data and directory services.

Formerly state-owned monopoly, Teleglobe (TSE: TGO) is a leading Canadian operator of long distance calls overseas. The acquisition of Excel Communications, the long distance number four in the United States at a cost of $ 4.7 billion in November 1998, crippled the finances of Teleglobe. Jean Monty, BCE's president, a company that already owns 23% of Teleglobe shares through its subsidiary Bell Canada, had described the acquisition of Excel to "strategic mistake".

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Teleglobe was the subject of rumors of a bid for several months. Jean Monty said today in a statement that the purchase of Teleglobe "give a global dimension to our strategic priority communications services through its network of extensive data and Internet, which connects directly to companies approximately 100 countries. This acquisition will give the keys to our business world Internet experts and e-commerce, which are growth-oriented and want to ensure their expansion outside of Canada. "

ECB said that Kenny Troutt, founder and president of Excel Communications, which owns 18% of the outstanding common shares of Teleglobe, and Charles Sirois, Chairman and CEO, who owns 8% were accepted offer. The board of directors of Teleglobe recommend it to all other ordinary shareholders.

The board of directors of Teleglobe has appointed Jean Monty as Chairman of the company, with immediate effect. Charles Sirois will act as special adviser to Jean Monty in his capacity as chairman of Teleglobe.

The transaction, as usual, is subject to regulatory approvals and legal use and to the approval of shareholders of Teleglobe, Canada and the United States.

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