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Lady Mary Ballyedmond is wife of Edward Haughey (Baron Ballyedmond)
He owns Ballyedmond Castle in Rostrevor, Corby Castle in Cumbria, and No. 9, Belgrave Square, London

Elizabeth Jane Stanley husband Elizabeth Jane Kimberley Stanley

Elizabeth Kimberley Stanley - Marc Evans

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President begins second day in England as part of his European tour
The president visited Westminster Abbey and the museum of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. In the afternoon he will meet with representatives of Manchester United and will attend a dinner in his honor.

Sebastián Piñera President began this morning its second day in England, a country which is visiting as part of his European tour, and will run throughout the week.

In the morning, the President visited the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms, dedicated to the First and Second World War and former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who has confessed to admire and Piñera has been recognized as a source of inspiration.

Subsequently, Piñera press made a point near the River Thames, accompanied by the parliamentary delegation that traveled with him to England.

There, he was consulted by the local press about the military exercises carried out by Britain in the Falkland Islands and about the relationship between Chile and Argentina. Although he avoided directly addressing these issues, the President highlighted the good relations between Chile and England. "Chile has always had a historical friendship with England, since the time of independence," he said.

In addition, among other activities conducted by the President, visited Westminster Abbey, located next to the palace of the same name, which is recognized as a traditional site for coronations and burials of British monarchs. Also shared a coffee with members of the Chilean delegation.

For the afternoon, meanwhile, has scheduled a meeting with officials of the club Manchester United at the Dorchester Hotel, where representatives are expected to personally extend you an invitation, addressed to the 33 miners rescued from the San José mine, to attend know the dependencies of the club.

At night, meanwhile, Piñera participate in a gala dinner hosted in his honor by the Honorary Consul of Chile in Belfast and Manchester, Lord Ballyedmond. Tomorrow is scheduled appointments with Prime Minister David Cameron and the Queen Elizabeth II.

Piñera's tour, which began yesterday with his arrival in London after a stopover in Lisbon, Portugal, includes a visit to France, where he will meet with President Nicolas Sarkozy, and Germany, where he will be greeted by Chancellor Angela Merkel .

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Experts discuss the European look of the first lady

SANTIAGO, Oct. 19 .- Now the eyes of the world are placed on Chile, this is due to media attention in the rescue of the miners and the subsequent tour of Europe that is making the government of Sebastián Piñera, therefore no details can be left to chance.

Thus, in these diplomatic activities could not miss the picture of our first lady, Cecilia Morel forcing prepare your closet and style to the various activities of this tour, which present important protocols that had to be considered when setting look.

Of what is covered the tour, Cecilia Morel and has two important activities, such as a visit Sunday to the residence of the Honorary Consul of Chile, Lord Ballyedmond and on Monday the meeting with Queen Elizabeth in England.

We wanted to ascertain whether the first lady has been successful with their choice of costumes, props, hair and makeup, by referring to the designer and fashion consultant Juan Carlos Avila, a stylist Patricio Pérez, who have analyzed the different looks and have been emphatic in noted various errors, along with that give us their professional advice, which could be applied in future activities, such as Carla Bruni's visit to this coming Wednesday, the Elysee Palace.

With regard to clothing worn by Morel, Juan Carlos Avila tells us that "the first lady was badly advised on the look of their first ceremony, I think the fur stole was more, especially the ecological thought that Europeans have. The dress was also ill-advised, the color was not bad, but with the look that has it, good-looking and purchasing power to buy and the best professional advice, I found it very simple and local dressed, almost godmother and without identity, plus the dress is a little short, I missed like 2 or 3 centimeters long. "

On the style used during the visit to Queen Elizabeth, the designer says that "at first glance chose an inappropriate dress in color and design, note that cutting is a Chanel suit, but not the best option, I feel it does not look splendid, plus the hair is unkempt, a lady of her age needs more attention and concern in all the details. "

Our specialist advises the following, "I think Cecilia Morel should highlight your beauty, boost their face, skin and hair color, for that we must consider the time, place and type of ceremony. The colors she uses must be defined and crisp, their clothes should always have good cut and design, size and notch, she has a good hook, I feel that only lacked a proper selection in dress the first lady. "

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Honorary Consulate in Belfast and Manchester
Address: Station Road Work Camplough Newry Co.Down BT 35 6JP, Northern Ireland
Fono (S): 44-02830-269824

Lord Ballyedmond, OBE, Honorary Consul

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Moreno Chancellor covers London with the President Piñera

As part of the tour to Europe began yesterday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfredo Moreno, with the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, toured the city of London, UK.

In the morning the two authorities toured the premises of the Museum Churchill War Rooms, in the company of the Chilean delegation composed of the First Lady, Cecilia Morel, the Minister of Economy and Foreign Affairs, Juan Andrés Fontaine and legislators and special guests.

There, the British Prime Minister led the making of major decisions of World War II. The route of the president and the chancellor included, among other places of interest, the map room, living room cabinet, among other historical sites.

Subsequently, the President and the Minister Moreno Piñera attended a dinner in honor hosted by the Honorary Consul of Chile in Belfast and Manchester, Lord Ballyedmond.

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Dinner in London top cop Chilean politicians by surprise: will wear tuxedos
Invited to tour the President will have to look like penguins

P or three generations the family of Samuel Ugarte has been responsible for class decked out in Chilean politics. Sebastián Piñera The tour starts next week in Europe will continue that tradition. As of the Directorate General of Ceremonial and Protocol of the Foreign Ministry, the men who accompany the President to England must wear a tuxedo at the reception in London given the honorary consul of Chile in Belfast, Lord Ballyedmond. As for the ladies should wear long dresses.

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