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Business Women's richest world - Hawken Xiu Li: 3.2 billion dollars

Hawken Xiuli is the main shareholder of Renhe Commercial Group, the largest company specializing in the work of defense against air attack by China. Her fortune now amounts to 3.2 billion euros.


Why women make fortunes in China? - Hawken Xiu Li

Why China has become an incubator for women billionaires? "Asks the magazine" Forbes ". Half of the 14 women in the world whose wealth exceeds one billion dollars have been successful in mainland China, Chu Lam Yiu as that created Huabao International (additives and flavorings for tobacco), Xiu Li Hawken with Renhe Commercial (malls ) and Wu Yajun of Longfor Properties (real estate). According to Linda Xinrong Kausch, who studied 12 cases of successful women in China, "a friendly social environment was essential not only to allow but also encourage women to study and create their own business." Another factor cited: the relative flexibility of regulations in an emerging economy, especially compared to European countries. Xinrong Kausch and Linda, who lives in Shenzhen, said that "Chinese women are have always been very proud and work hard is in their nature." Some sectors such as banking, steel, telecommunications, electricity, are still mainly public in China, says Forbes. However, much of the "new wealth" comes from activities such as real estate, distribution and consumer goods. Women accounted for about 36% of the Chinese labor force and contributes about half the income of Chinese households, according to China Market Research, against 20% in 1950.

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