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In 2000 he graduated from the Institute of International Law and Economics. ASGriboedov, in "Law"

Felix Yevtushenkov - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sistema-Hals, part of Sistema, a giant holding his father - Vladimir Yevtushenkov. Felix Evtushenkov acknowledged that he could choose which of the divisions holding the father he wanted to work - telecommunications, insurance, banking, retail, manufacturing, high technology. But chose the building. For more than three years at the head of developer Sistema-Hals Evtushenkov was able to increase the size of its business in a few times, and in November 2007, held one of the first Russian real estate companies IPO.

Feliks Evtushenkov

Felix Yevtushenko

According to Yevtushenkov Jr., the father drew attention to his company, like any other in the holding, because in addition to Sistema-Hals in Evtushenkova Sr., "and so a billion questions." Felix Yevtushenkov says that when he joined the company, then went to work as a war. The company, as now, worked construction, built-quality offices, sold them, but there were other volumes, sizes and technologies. And if today's Sistema-Hals use figures in the hundreds of millions of dollars, then puzzled, thinking where to find the $ 2 million to the project documentation.

2000: Institute for International Law and Economics. ASGriboedov, specializing in jurisprudence.

2000-2006: Sistema-Gals, Deputy Director - Head of Strategy and Marketing, Managing Director (since 2003), President (since 2006), Chairman of the Board of Directors (since 2008);

1999-2000: Sistema-Invest, a presidential aide, then - the executive director of the department of industry Sistema.


Feliks Evtushenkov


As the "Y", President of Sistema-Hals Felix Yevtushenkov may become the tenth vice-president of Sistema, the main co-owned by his father Vladimir Yevtushenko. Tired of Land Development Yevtushenkov Jr. will the development of non-public assets of the AFC, including the system of mass media "," Children's World, "Intourist", and others.

The fact that Felix Yevtushenkov become the tenth vice-president of Sistema, told Kommersant three officers of the corporation. One of them noted that the transition Evtushenkova Jr. of Sistema-Hals in the AFC is not news and this is within the corporation, it was announced long ago. On raising a son and head of the AFC knows HR-partner company, picks up top executives.

Yesterday, Felix Evtushenkov told Kommersant that in the near future is not going away from Sistema-Hals. "While the formal proposal to move to the Sistema I have not heard, but I am willing to consider it," - he added.

According to the interlocutors of Kommersant, a business will the development of non-public assets of the AFC, which include media group Sistema Mass Media, "Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the retail chain Detsky Mir, tourist holding Intourist, farmholding Medsi and others.

According to information published on the official website of "The System" in the corporation are working nine vice-presidents. Now vice president for development of targeted programs and non-public assets is Sergey Boev, who until February of this year, led by JSC "Concern" RTI Systems ". According to the sources of Kommersant, Mr Boev can focus on the development of GLONASS (satellite navigation system) and other special projects for the AFC. And one of the candidates, who is now Yevtushenkov Jr., is Senior Vice President of Sistema-Hals Sergei Shmakov, who worked from 1996 to 2004, Director General of Moscow-based Capital Group, said a former top manager of the company.

Sistema-Hals was founded in 1994. Revenue in 2007 - $ 452.2 million, 71% of the shares owned by Sistema, 18% - the free float on LSE, 10,9% - on the balance sheet of the company. As of January 1, 2008, Cushman & Wakefield Stiles & Riabokobylko estimated portfolio of $ 3.746 billion in capitalization on the LSE yesterday - $ 1.64 billion

Before joining in 2000, "Sistema-Hals Felix Yevtushenkov served as Executive Director of the Department of Industry Sistema. "This department became a separate business area of" High Tech "on the basis of which was established Sitronics. Then I moved to the" System-tack ", and found that it is the development business - mine", - said earlier "b" Felix Yevtushenkov. Felix eighth year performs development, and more recently in private conversations, he repeatedly said that he was tired of real estate "- says one former top managers of Sistema-Hals. According to him, Yevtushenko, Jr. not once consulted with his father about a possible guide to new projects or in the structure of the AFC, or not related to the activities of the corporation.

Experts note that a possible change in leadership in the "System-tack" against the background of falling stock prices of the company. For the year to June 1, 2007 to June 1, 2008, the value of shares of Sistema-Hals has fallen to 41,6%, while AFI Development - by 30,7%, MirLand Development - 26,4% Recalls analyst AntantaPioglobal Andrew Verkholantsev. "This decrease is due to pessimism of investors who believe that the company hardly has time to implement on time all the announced projects," - concludes the analyst.

Feliks Evtushenkov

Felix Yevtushenko became Vice President of Sistema

Former president of developer Sistema-Hals Felix Yevtushenkov appointed Vice President of Sistema, the press service of the company. The new appointment was approved Evtushenkova at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the corporation, which was held on July 26.

In his new position Yevtushenko will be responsible for the operation of one of three business units of the corporation, created as a result of the reorganization of the management of Sistema. In Yevtushenkov-controlled group "Consumer Assets", in addition to Sistema-Hals, will the company "Intourist", "Children's World," meds ", World Bank and others.

"The basis of the new organizational management structure Sistema fell matrix model, according to which, together with the functional complex formed by three business units, responsible for the management of subsidiaries. Business Unit received the title:" Telecommunications Assets "," Consumer Assets " , "High Technology and Industry" - the company said.

"Structural changes have taken place, the final a year ago started the process of reorganizing the management structure of the company - part of our efforts to improve the efficiency of asset management and simplification of corporate structure," - commented on the changes the president of Sistema, Leonid Melamed.

Felix Yevtushenkov, the son of the principal shareholder of Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, headed by developer Sistema-Hals in November 2003. In July 2008, Yevtushenko, Jr. resigned as president of Sistema-Hals and became chairman of its board of directors.



Feliks Evtushenkov

Children's World playthings

Chain store Detsky Mir, Russia's largest seller of children's products, discusses the creation of joint ventures with foreign retailers - American Toy R US Greek and Jumbo. Instability in exchange rates and falling demand led to a decrease in revenue, "Children's World" for January-September to 35.9% when the debt load of nearly 10 billion rubles. It made owning a network of Sistema seek co-investor.

The fact that Sistema is looking for foreign investor to set up a joint venture on the basis of its remaining retail chain Detsky Mir, Reuters reported with reference to the vice-president of "the system" by consumer assets, Felix Yevtushenkov. Negotiations, in particular, are conducted with an American corporation Toy R US and Greek Jumbo, he said. Parameters and terms of enterprise creation have not been determined, said in an interview with the agency, Mr. Yevtushenko, but it is expected that the transaction will be cash-strapped. Top manager also stressed that all retail outlets selling "system" does not intend, and is looking for "a more effective partner for development." Director of Public Relations Department Sistema Irina Potekhina only noted that "the corporation is always considering options for cooperation." Get the comments in Toy R US and Jumbo last night failed.

This is not the first attempt to "The System" to attract a partner to strengthen its retail business. In particular, in the spring of 2007, the Corporation is considering a partnership with a network of "Banana-Mama," but the deal never took place.

Jumbo SA - Greek retailer specializing in selling toys, baby products, books and stationery products. As of June this year, the company's network includes 41 shop in Greece, two stores in Cyprus and one in Bulgaria. As a result of the 2008/09 fiscal year (ended June 30, 2009) revenues of € 467 million, profit - € 95,7 million

Toys R Us - one of the world's largest retailers, specializing in the sale of toys and baby products. The company's network includes more than 1,550 stores in America and more than 700 stores in 33 other countries. Until 2005, the Toys R Us shares were traded at the Exchange, and later it was acquired for $ 6.6 billion investor group that includes Bain Capital Partners, Kohlberg Kravis, Roberts & Co and Vornado Realty Trust. For the quarter ended August 1, 2009, net sales were $ 2.6 billion, net profit - $ 27 million

Group of companies "Detsky Mir" brings together a network of shops "Detsky Mir, wholesale company C-toys and luxury-Center Children's Gallery" Yakimanka ". Chain stores Children's World consists of 127 cut-super-and hypermarkets. Total retail area - 211 thousand square meters. m

Yesterday Sistema has also published unaudited third quarter: revenue of OJSC "Detsky Mir-Center" for nine months decreased by 35.9% over the same period of 2008 to $ 151.7 million, which "is primarily due to with the weakening of the Russian ruble against the dollar, as well as with a reduction in consumer demand. " Back in the spring the company was forced to reduce the number of suppliers to 250 companies to 400, because, as everyone is forced to adapt to the crisis conditions, "said CEO Network Maxim Entyakov (see Kommersant from April 17). In the same period, the "System" has lost and the network's flagship store on Lubyanka - VTB has acquired 51% stake in real estate development subsidiaries of the corporation Sistema-Hals, which owns department stores.

Short-term payables Detsky Mir-Center "(maturities up to one year) at the beginning of October amounted to 9.607 billion rubles., And, according to the capital investment banker familiar with the situation in the company, this is the main argument for the" System "in the search investor. " In late November, the company also decided to conduct additional issue of over 1.5 billion rubles. to reduce debt by 20%.


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