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Elizabeth is daughter of Joyce C. Hall, founder of Hallmark Cards

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Hallmark Cards International

Hallmark International was founded in 1966. The international division of Hallmark Cards, based in Bradford, England, operates subsidiaries and licensees in various countries outside the United States. Subsidiaries are located in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Germany, Belgium and Holland.

Hallmark International supports and encourages the licensees and local offices. Thus, the products fully meet the local needs of the consumer and it helps them express their individual wishes. With concentration of "personal expression", Hallmark International produces more than 30 languages ??and distributes to over 100 countries.

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Hallmark Cards Continental Europe

Hallmark Cards Hallmark Cards Belgium and Holland are part of Hallmark Cards Continental Europe. The headquarters of the Dutch and Continental Europe is located in Capelle aan den Ijssel. Hallmark Cards Holland still has a distribution center in Krimpen aan den IJssel and an operations center in Heerlen. Hallmark Cards Belgium is located in Schoten

Over 300 employees work for Continental Europe. Whether the Dutch or Belgian market, Hallmark Cards is the undisputed market leader in greeting cards.

Besides greeting cards, Hallmark Cards Inc.. also offers a wide assortment of other products such as flowers, chocolate, small gift items and office supplies. The family business also includes a number of subsidiaries such as Binney & Smith (world leader in the market for school supplies, educational) and Hallmark International.

Hallmark Cards Belgium is a unit of Hallmark Cards Continental Europe. The largest supplier of greeting cards in Belgium and Holland is the market leader in Benelux. Annually, there are millions of greeting cards that make their way to the consumer.

Hallmark Cards is distinguished from other suppliers in the market with its range of over 5,000 different products. Through greeting cards, whether digital or not, Hallmark Cards will contribute to communication between people and the manifestation of their feelings, like love and friendship towards each other . Hallmark Cards Continental Europe is a unit of American Hallmark Cards. Company profile Vacancies.

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Hallmark Cards eliminates 335 jobs in North America

The U.S. manufacturer of greeting cards Hallmark Cards to cut 335 positions in Canada and the United States as part of an operation to consolidate its manufacturing operations.

Some 195 positions are immediately destroyed in Toronto, said Wednesday the company of Kansas City, Missouri.

A second wave of dismissals will take place in September and October in the plant in Siloam Springs, Ark., where 80 jobs will be eliminated.

In January, it was the turn of the factory Sunrise Greetings in Bloomington, Indiana, with the abolition of 60 posts.

The activities will be transferred to plants in Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas.

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Hallmark wants to make Twitter a collection of poems

The manufacturer is launching a contest on the occasion of Valentine's Day: writing poems not to exceed one hundred forty characters allowed.

To popularize his service and his Twitter feed, the delivery company Lightinthebox already offers its customers to be delivered more quickly if they do their ordering on the site of micro-blogging. Hallmark Cards, meanwhile, put on poetry. The online service of greeting card manufacturer is launching a contest that offers British members of the platform poetic post messages on the occasion of Valentine's Day. Participants are baptized for the occasion "Twittermantic. A key, a trip for two people in an English cottage.

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Haiku tweets romantic and poetic
To participate, simply "follow" the thread "Hallmark Cards". Tweet and send her poetic one hundred forty signs, do not forget to send it to the mark (ie @ Hallmark). The best posts on the site before the end of January will then be judged by an audience of "experts" of romance, made by writers who have published books of poetry. An online public vote will confirm their decision.
The winner of the competition will win a trip for two
More and more people are forced to write their own poems, and the exercise of expressing the essential with the fewest possible words can be particularly challenging, "said Christine Miller, a writer who decided to take part the project. "This fits very well with Twitter, where each individual message, or 'tweet', imposes a discipline similar to Internet, a discipline in the short," she adds.

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