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Although last weekend's wedding of the year of British high society, Jecca Craig, as pointed out by the Daily Mail, did everything possible not to emphasize, Jessica, with his Australian hat and brown suede coat turquoise beads would have been a tremendously appealing figure anywhere.
His presence at the wedding of Lady Tamara Grosvenor, daughter of the Duke of Westminster, and Edward van Cutsem, the godson of [Prince of Wales], occurred 18 months after its release his romance with Prince William in Kenya. Specifically, in the nature reserve-Lewa directs Jecca's father, "where the Prince enjoyed his summer vacation two years ago.

Breakup with Kate Middleton
Jecca, 22 year old daughter of a wealthy African conservationist, tried to pass unnoticed and lingering head down to avoid being photographed, when the royal guests came from Chester Cathedral to aim at the reception at the headquarters of the Duke of Westminster Eaton Hall ... And somehow he got it. In fact, although some of the guests recognized it was not photographed at any time. Of course, the most significant of his presence at the ceremony is the conclusion of this has coincided with the history of the [Prince William], who made an usher at the ceremony, has broken his relationship with his girlfriend and fellow student St. Andrews, Kate Middleton.

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