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Doreen Lofthouse is managing director of Lofthouse of Fleetwood, makers of Fisherman’s Friends lozenges.

Doreen Lofthouse - Lofthouse of Fleetwood Doreen and Tony  Lofthouse Doreen Lofthouse - Fisherman’s Friends

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Fisherman's Friend (English fisherman's friend) is a brand of highly refreshing menthol lozenges produced at Fleetwood in Lancashire (England).

The product was originally created in 1865 by James Lofthouse, a young pharmacist, to relieve the fishermen fish seabed of the northern seas of their respiratory problems. Originally designed as an extremely strong liquid containing mint and eucalyptus, James Lofthouse has turned into small pellets compact, easier to transport and administer.

These pellets are nowadays distributed in a hundred countries, with a wide range of flavors.

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In 1865, in the town of Fleetwood on the North West coast of England where it all began. This small city, a real stronghold of the fishing industry, was the starting point of the fishermen who went for long voyages in rough conditions and cold North Sea. But these extreme conditions caused them to suffer the bronchi. One of the first settlers was a pharmacist named James Lofthouse. He created for these fishermen syrup very effective against sore throats and lungs, which quickly became their ally. Fishermen named it Fisherman's Friend, in French "Fisherman's Friend". After some time, James Lofthouse worked to make the syrup more convenient to carry in the extreme conditions of the high seas and invented the Fisherman's Friend lozenges. The fishermen soon became hooked, and travelers passing began to discover in other cities. Today, Fisherman's Friend lozenges are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide. The Lofthouse family business is growing steadily. Its production center is based at Fleetwood and manufactures several million bags per week. In France, the Fisherman's Friend lozenges were first arrived in pharmacies, about 1988. In 1992, the brand takes a turn and decided to make its chips available to all, expanding its distribution in supermarkets and hypermarkets. In 2007, Fisherman's Friend claims his strength and spirit by creating offset the Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run in Dusseldorf, Germany.


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The cough is a sudden spasmodic contraction and often repetitive, the human thoracic cavity, which causes a violent expulsion of air from the lungs, and usually accompanied by a distinctive sound. The cough is usually initiated to get rid of an accumulation of mucus in the airways, the air can move through this passage to a speed of 480 km / h. The cough can also be induced by a bolus entering the trachea instead of the esophagus, a deficiency of the epiglottis. Frequent or chronic coughing usually indicates the presence of disease.


The cough is to block the flow of air into the airways by voluntarily closing the glottis, then to increase intrathoracic pressure by contraction of respiratory muscles. This increases the pressure of air trapped in the airways. The result is a sudden release of obstruction, which allows expulsion of air at high speed because of this pressure, carrying with it the elements may be present in the airways.


The droplets are projected to cough and sneeze factor of contagion. It protects his entourage pathogens coughing against his arm, not his hand, which is an important vector of contamination.


Cough for about 20% of the general population, it accounts for 20% of consultations in pulmonology and 5% of new consultations in general practice

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Medicinal plants against cough

The plants listed below have been able to show efficacy against cough, the expectorant most exert a disinfectant effect or (thyme, plantain, pine).

Note: In case of tea from a plant below, feel free to add honey. Indeed, according to a study in early 2008, American researchers have proven that honey could be as effective as many cough while being cheaper and with better taste!

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Your child:

* A cough with or without sputum (as the case, his cough is oily or dry).

Consult your doctor if your child:

* A cough that persists for more than a week;
* Less than 3 months and coughing for several hours.
* Is less than 6 months and has a fever 38 ° C (100 ° F)
* More than 6 months and has reached a temperature 40 ° C (104 ° F), or has a fever over 48 hours

Ask a medical emergency (9-1-1) if your child:

* Has a fever that reached 41.1 ° C (106 ° F);
* Has trouble breathing or is particularly sluggish.

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