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Christina is wife of Jeffrey Lurie (former Hollywood producer turned National Football League team owner - Philadelphia Eagles)

Christina Lurie is wife of Jeffrey Jeffrey is husband of Christina Lurie Christina Lurie family -  Jeffrey

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Philadelphia Eagles (Philadelphia Eagles in English) are a franchise of the National Football League (NFL) based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The franchise was founded in 1933.

The Eagles have played two Super Bowl in January 1981 and January 2005 but they lost. Before the introduction of the Super Bowl, the Eagles were NFL champions in 1948, 1949 and 1960.

The film Invincible, Ericson Core, released in August 2006, tells the true story of Vince Papale, a fan of the Eagles 30 years, joining the club of his heart.

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The Philadelphia Eagles (Spanish: Philadelphia Eagles) are a professional football team founded in 1933 that involved, since, in the National Football League. Since the merger of the National and American leagues in 1970, are part of the Eastern Division of the National Conference, sharing with the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Washington Redskins (until 2001 the team was also here for the Arizona Cardinals. )

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Traditionally, its colors are green and white, but with several changes in nuance and combination, which have incorporated silver.

They have three NFL championships (1940, 1941 and 1960) and two NFC titles (1980 and 2004), so who participated in Super Bowls XV and XXXIX, leaving runners in both cases.

They currently play their home games at Lincoln Financial Field, which opened in September 2003. Previously, for over three decades, his seat was the Veterans Stadium.

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Philadelphia Eagles History
NFC East Division

The Eagles were formed in 1933 and was a season in 1943, which joined forces with the Pittsburgh Steelers to play like the Phil-Pitt Steagles due to lack of players have remained loyal to the city of Philadelphia and the name of the Eagles.


Won NFL championships in 1948, 1949 and 1960, but lost two Super Bowls in which they have been present in 1981 when they were defeated by the Oakland Raiders and in 2005 by the New England Patriots.

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Green Bay Packers against Philadelphia Eagles | Matchup of the second phase

The Green Bay Packers are traveling to the Philadelphia Eagles for a wildcard playoff game on Sunday 9 January 4: ET 30.

These two devices found in week 1 of the NFL season. The Packers went to Philadelphia and won 27-20. Aaron Rodgers threw for 188 yards and Michael Vick rushed for 103 yards. Kevin Kolb Eagles started this game and was beaten out. Vick came in and played several significant snaps on your way to becoming an MVP player for the 2010 season.

Both teams have been launched in the year changes. The Green Bay Packers have had several injuries this year with most notable being Aaron Rodgers. The good news is that Rodgers is healthy enough to play. Rodgers with various injuries and the team went out with some hard times just four weeks. They were in a two-game losing streak to the Detroit Lions and the New England Patriots. This fortune was changed and beat two good teams, the New York Giants and Chicago Bears. These victories assured the Packers as a wildcard team.
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The Philadelphia Eagles have had ups and downs this year too. Started their van at future Kevin Kolb strategist and he did not play and did not expect. Michael Vick walked Kolb due to injury and performed well. Vick also had his share of injuries this season. Eagles started the season strong and looked to be one of the top teams in the NFL. They finished the season with a dramatic victory over the New York Giants and then two lost to the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys both at home.

Eagles has had a history of domination at home, but this year the team is only 4-4. This is not a home record than other teams can fear. Plus, the Packers have proven they can win at Lincoln Financial Field. The good news for Eagles is that this time Vick will play the entire game against the Packers.

Matchup of the yards for the Packers and Eagles.

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The use of renewable energy in various fields of society is a fact, even to a lesser extent, that will be helped with proper publicizing the issue, with highly effective use in areas of high turnout, including a sports event.

This application will be considered by the Philadelphia Eagles, a football team of the United States, where they are renovating their stadium, known as Lincoln Financial Field, and seek improvements to add between the use of renewable energy as a source for obtaining electricity.

For the project supported the signing Solar Blue, which will invest about 30 billion dollars in the completion of the scheduled no later than next year.

The stadium, then, will include more than 2,500 solar panels, which will combine with about 80 wind turbines to generate renewable electricity, in addition to using a small power plant that uses natural gas and bio-diesel as fuel.

If all goes well, as we have said, will be completed by September 2011, when it begins a new season of the sport.

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