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Youth Center Menora: Chella and Moise Safra Center

In this new center of Menora, are carried out various activities to over 150 youth who participate daily.

In the Youth Center is provided the real basis for connection with the roots of the Jewish people, a training base of good citizens and good people.


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Located in the Palermo neighborhood, Buenos Aires, offers a real alternative for meeting, learning and leisure. The place is comfortable and modern, has study rooms, and computer games.

For more information about the center and activities for youngsters of all ages, please contact us:

Menora Safra Center
Cabello 3206, Buenos Aires
Tel: (11) 4800-1200
Email: @



The elite in great shape ... the people or both
Rich and powerful show all its splendor in grand celebration of marriage in the Safra family

The most famous author of fairy tale, La Fontaine would not do better. The French architect Alain Raynaud, who built charming palaces of the Valentino fashion designer in Europe, in a few days became a prime land in the district of Morumbi in Sao Paulo in authentic Italian neo-classical palace. The decor is marked by sophistication and grandeur, was left to the designer and socialite Mica Ertegun New York, married the founder of Atlantic Records, USA, and responsible for the internal design of the Hotel Carlyle in New York, and dozens of flats in Southampton, the paradise of American millionaires. Within this movie palace, three large tents were erected. The first reproduced faithfully a synagogue can accommodate 1500 people seated comfortably. Instead of the masonry walls, white curtains draped with a height of ten meters were decorated with stained glass ten-foot tall stamping grounds Hebrew. The chuppah, where traditionally the rabbis bless the newlyweds, it was all lined with delicate ivy, climbing plants desired by kings. In the second tent, false walls resembled Portuguese tiles and perfectly reproduced a large terrace. Between the desks were scattered islands of plants that conveyed a sense of scale and absolute well-being. The third and last and referred to the environment of a large and sophisticated dining room. Giant palm trees formed a rich tropical decor.

It was against this background that on the night of Tuesday 14 held a ceremony and wedding feast Alberto Safra, son of Joseph and Vicky banquiero Safra, Maggy with Candi. A worthy celebration of the European royal families. Only 1200 had the privileged opportunity to attend nine hours for the Harvest of the neo-classical palace, now dismantled. Besides bankers, businessmen, artists and a few successful professionals in Brazil and abroad, the country's political elite was honored with magnetic cards, which at the reception party were replaced by the number of table that should occupy.

The event was scheduled for 19.30, but an hour earlier he was forming a row of gleaming cars imported leading the cream of Brazilian GDP. Among them, some vans carrying relatives and friends of the Safra newcomers to Israel, Mexico and Europe.
One was occupied by family doctors who came to the United States. Fifty valet moved frantically among the 150 security guards to expedite the reception. Vicky Safra, the mother of the groom, greeted one by one and, as usual, impressed by the costumes and jewelry. That night, described as unforgettable for one of the guests, wore a Valentino took-that-falls in soft pastel colors with embroidered silver necklace and diamond earrings.

A dozen violinists who rocked the guests were led into the synagogue through a tunnel decorated with plants put on trellises. Following the Jewish rituals inside the synagogue the men sat on one side and women on the other. On the male side, the black tuxedos and bow ties imposed an air monothematic. On the other hand, necklaces and earrings presenter Hebe Camargo, as often happens at parties that meet the Paulista elite vied with the jewels of the host. In this aspect, moreover, Chella Safra Ana Feffer and left nothing to be desired. There were many security guards and a lot to be protected. Concerns about urban violence and kidnappings were certainly not lived in the palace by the architect Raynaud mounted.

20h arrived at exactly the bride. Also hopefully with a sophisticated-than-white lace embroidered fall in gold Demi Queiroz, Sao Paulo's exclusive designer who produces nothing for less than $ 15,000 and who knows how little the refined taste of the Safra family. In November last year, he was responsible for Deweik Alessandra dress in their wedding ceremony with Azure Safra. Dresses are really few. True works of art that at best they will take three months to be constructed. Too much time for those who do not care how much he must spend to realize a dream, but too short for most brides Brazilians who also dream of the veil and wreath of a memorable evening. Those with salaries generally below five minimum wages, have no alternative other than the splitting of the costumes at least 12 performances, which take time to get their dresses.

Followed by a procession of bridesmaids as elegant as the bride, the bride walked down Maggy tunnel leading to the synagogue to the sound of the Bridal March. In the chuppah, the groom's side, stood before four rabbis. Three came from Israel especially for the wedding. The synagogue belongs to the fourth street Veiga Filho in Higienópolis posh neighborhood in Sao Paulo. After the ceremony, a second tunnel decorated with ivy and rainfall-to-wall gold and furnished with several busts of Roman emperors took the marble to the environment where select guests were served cocktails. There, coconut ten meters in height, supported the exhibition. In the white ceiling and bright drawings of macaws and parrots in the trees formed a tropical setting. There was not agglomeration, for well-trained receptionists had people at the tables divided into sectors blue, pink, orange and red, washed down with sake, champagne, wine, whiskey and Vodice.

The re-elected governor of Minas Gerais, Aecio Neves, accompanied by his daughter Gabriela and ex-wife Andrea Falcon, is routed to the same table where are Senator Jose Sarney, and former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and his wife, Ruth. Uninhibited and accustomed to parties of pomp, Aetius was much at ease. He did not stay long sitting. The governor of Minas Gerais, according to the columnist Mônica Bergamo, the newspaper Folha de S. Paul got a lot of time in a quiet corner exchanging ideas with Geraldo Alckmin, former governor of São Paulo, recently defeated in the presidential race. A businessman and keen observer of the political scene was at the next table and muttered to his wife: "The two are plotting. Notice how far talk of the mountain ", referring to the elected governor of São Paulo. Could, indeed, be tracing the destinies of the PSDB, but certainly not had the conversation at that moment, no concern for the cruel income distribution in Brazil was also recorded by a columnist who always very concerned about the direction of economic policy Brazil, a French banker who shared a table with Brazilian bankers did not go unnoticed that the attention that fine group of people dedicated to Aetius and asked Fernando Henrique citizen who was that so courted. The former president responded well to his nature: "It's the future president of Brazil." The banker just smiled.

After the cocktail, the receptionist again went into action. Now to transfer guests to the hall where the dinner was served. The third and final tent, all tables were distributed in 12 locations scattered around a huge reflecting pool adorned with 30 small fonts. During dinner, an orchestra with 40 musicians enlivened the atmosphere with music from the 60s. Smoked salmon with Coeur de roes, tuna, sea bass and fine meats imported from Argentina were offered in abundance. For dessert, treats for all tastes, with special emphasis on Syrian sweets. Among them, one of the most appreciated was the Knef, covered with a sweet honey that resembles a whimsical and delicate nest. Puff pastries stuffed with apricot and enjoyed great success. There was also the Brazilian delicacies that graced the tropical setting. Of these, the most wanted was candy made from passion fruit and coconut. The youngest, however, have stuck with chocolate, served in abundance, along with nutmeg. All the food was in charge of catering France, who says he just prepared kosher dishes, closely following the Jewish tradition.

While the sweets were served, DJs Saint Tropez were behind the disco that rocked the party until two o'clock in the morning. When many were preparing to leave and some were already gone, if Hebe Camargo and his nephew, the last surprise: an exclusive two-hour show of Bahia Ivete Sangalo. A gift offered by the newlyweds to the guests that cost $ 350,000 plus expenses and accommodation with executive jet for the noble singer and her team of 28 people. As for gifts, the couple left the list open in the store Mickey, one of the traditional elite of São Paulo. In the invitation, however, had a sobering message: "We would reverse his affection to a charity of your trust." Charity alone will not solve. The current governor of Sao Paulo, Claudio Lembo, has referred to, in other times, the rich fauna that was present in social weight of the Harvest event as a "white elite who do not know the shortcomings of the downstairs." In moments like this, this elite is certainly a concern to other kinds.

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