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Amelia is wife of Lino Saputo Jr
Lino A. Saputo, Jr. has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Saputo Inc. since March 30, 2004


Emanuele (Lino) Saputo is the founder of Canadian-based cheese maker, Saputo Inc.

Early life

Saputo was born in Montelepre, Sicily, in 1937, a cheesemaker Giuseppe and his wife, Maria. He completed his secondary education in 1952, and the Saputo family shortly thereafter emigrated to Montreal, Canada.

Saputo Inc.

The Saputo Cheese empire was founded in 1954 by Lino Saputo in Montreal and his parents, cheesemaker Giuseppe and his wife Maria. The company initially produced about 25 pounds (11.4 kilograms) of mozzarella a day. The first production facility was completed in 1957.

Saputo Inc. produces a third of all the mozzarella consumed in Canada. Making cheese has long been a part of family tradition, but it turned Lino Saputo trade hobby when he rented a small working space in a dairy at age 17. He and his father, Giuseppe, started selling to the Italian community in Montreal, later, fed the growing appetite of the city for Italian food.

In 1997 the company completed its initial public offering in Canada [1]

Today, Saputo has over 8,500 employees in 46 plants worldwide, including Canada, USA, Argentina and Germany. The company produces, sells and distributes products under well known brands such as Saputo, Alexis de Portneuf, Armstrong, Baxter, Dairyland, De Lucia, Dragone, DuVillage of Warwick, Frigo, Kingsey, La Paulina, Nutrilait, Princesse, Ricrem Sir Laurier d'Arthabaska, Stella, Treasure Cave, Rondeau cookies, HOP & GO! and Vachon.

It is now one of the top twenty dairy processors in the world, the largest processor of dairy in Canada, among the top five cheese producers in the United States, the third largest processor of dairy from Argentina and largest snack-cake manufacturer in Canada.

Lino Saputo became chairman of the board and president of Saputo Inc. in 1969 and was appointed chairman of the board and chief executive in 1998. In March 2004, his son Lino Saputo, Jr. was appointed to the position of president and chief executive officer. Lino Saputo continues to serve as the president of the company's board.

Other business interests

Lino Saputo also has an important stake in the trucking company TransForce of Montreal and has extensive investments in real estate, forest products, hotels and golf courses.


Lino Saputo is also known for his philanthropy and generous support of many causes including many hospitals in Montreal. In July 2006, Saputo relied C $ 7.5 million toward the construction of the new Montreal Impact soccer stadium in Olympic Park.

According to Forbes 2006 "the world's richest people list", Lino Saputo is worth $ 2.4 billion and is ranked 317.



Saputo Argentina closed with zero balance returns
A senior source told Saputo Argentina TodoAgro the Canadian-owned company, which includes brands Molfino and La Paulina, closed its balance sheet with zero profitability. They further noted that since the implementation of retention, the business of cheese and powdered milk for the company incurred losses which were offset by business from casein and whey.
A dairy industry analyst told TodoAgro that currently "the serum has a strong international demand as a replacement for many applications that were previously exclusive to the milk powder, as compared to casein emphasized that" it is virtually a jewel, with very low stock levels and supply locations, worldwide. In the best milk every hundred liters are achieved about 3 kilos of casein and greatly used in special foods and as an ingredient in sports foods of high nutritional value, like what happens with whey proteins ".

Spanish investment in new dairy
Iparlat Spanish company, one of its biggest brands is Kaiku landed in Argentina. The company, one of the most important in the dairy sector in Spain, acquired the firm in Santa Fe, Ruiz and Tremblay SRL, which produces dairy RT to start strong competition in the Argentine market.
According to reporting on its website (, Ruiz and Tremblay SRL commenced operations on June 21, 1968 relying on seniority in the market for 30 years, keeping its image quality is recognized to this day, being the largest provider of distribution facilities of our city and across the country.
It has a manufacturing plant "The Danube", located at 10km. east of San Martin of the Brooms (Prov. De Santa Fe). Make a daily production of 100,000 liters. that have peak production of 120,000 liters., all of this collected in 52 dairy farmers to carry establishments engaged.
This factory was rebuilt from the year 1994, ending the play in 1996.
The company is a supplier to major supermarket chains in the country.

Danone invests 215 million dollars to expand production
After running the business give the cookie to Arcor in the joint-venture Bagley, the French company Danone focuses on the business of yogurt and mineral water, which announced investments worth 215 million pesos.
Not to lose ground and capitalize on the growth of consumption in these segments and others that Danone invented, such as probiotics or yoghurt intestinal transit, the company will invest 215 million pesos this year and next to expand production and increase distribution. The dairy division will spend $ 150 million, while the water area will provide another $ 65 million.

Saputo pumps $ 54 million in its business in Argentina
According to its balance of fiscal 2006, ended 31 March, the Canadian company Saputo plans to invest 54 million pesos ($ 18 million) until next year to continue the expansion and modernization of its plants in Cordoba (Uncle Pujio ) and Santa Fe (Rafaela). As stated in the company, the goal is "to take advantage existing in the national and international markets."
Industry sources indicated that most of the payout will be for the complex Molfino in Rafaela, which will increase its ability to dry milk powder and use that process to produce liquid whey, which is also obtained as a byproduct in the manufacture of cheese.
In the last year, Saputo billed 483 million pesos (161 million dollars) in Argentina (18.6 percent more than in the previous cycle), with a daily processing 1.6 million gallons per day. 43 percent of production was in the domestic market, while exports accounted for 57 per cent.
"Argentina is proving to be an excellent base. Through this platform, our products are exported to over 30 countries and we are still exploring new avenues that may arise in different parts of the world, "said Lino Saputo Jr., president of the company, the introduction of balance.
The executive explained that the company has two objectives for its international expansion strategy: "First, we are looking for manufacturing platforms that show great potential for growth. Second, we seek to grow internationally from the standpoint of sales. As we gain access to raw materials, the world becomes our market, "he said.
Saputo is the largest dairy processor in Canada, where it operates 27 plants, and has a strong presence in the U.S., especially in the cheese segment, a sector in which ranks as the leading provider of fast food chains. Its turnover last year was U.S. $ 3217.6 million.
Months ago has entered the European market through the purchase of a German company, while in May closed a cheese plant in Indiana (United States). In Argentina and disbursed 75 million pesos (25 million) and continue to open new farms. "Since our milk production structure will generate significant annual surplus heifers with excellent genetics, so we will install new bins in the area of Villa Maria and Santa Fe", said company sources.
While growing demand from oil producing countries, bet Saputo contrasts with the difficulties faced by large national powerhouses such as Sancor or Mastellone (La Serenissima), who pinned their hopes on increasing domestic consumption of milk, which this year again the average in the past decade, according to a report published in La Voz del Interior.

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